Skimm'd while snacking on mochi

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NOVEMBER 29, 2017


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Skimm'd while snacking on mochi


"All glitter should be banned" – One scientist, explaining that all of your holiday outfits are an environmental hazard. Nothing is safe.



The Story

Good news, your gas bill is up again.

Ugh. Why?

Gas prices have been down for years thanks to low demand from a sluggish global economy, and a supply boom in part from US fracking. OPEC – the group of countries that produces almost half of the world's crude oil – cut back on production in hopes of getting oil prices back up. That, plus a global economy on the rebound, did the trick. Now, the group meets tomorrow to decide whether to keep holding back on production.


The good news is the global economy is on the move. The bad news is oil is in everything from your car to your toiletries, so what OPEC has to say will affect you and your wallet.


The Story

North Korea launched a ballistic missile. Again.

Tell me more.

North Korea has been a problem for years, but its weapons testing has gone into overdrive recently. That includes intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and reportedly a hydrogen bomb. President Trump has responded more aggressively than previous US presidents, saying he might be forced to "totally destroy" North Korea. Yesterday, the country launched an ICBM, which traveled higher and longer than any other it's tested before. It claims that's because it was a new type of ICBM – one that's even more powerful and can reach all of the US mainland. Comforting.


The US has tried multiple approaches to pressure North Korea to stand down on its nuclear efforts. Kim Jong Un seems unfazed. And instead is upping his missile game.


What people are watching...

Tampa, FL. Yesterday, police arrested a suspect wanted in a series of recent fatal shootings there. Since last month, four people have been shot and killed in a Tampa neighborhood, putting everyone in the area on edge over the possibility of a serial killer. Yesterday, authorities got a tip about a man with a gun at a local McDonald's. Now, they plan to charge him with four counts of first-degree murder.

What to say when you hear bitcoin is now worth $10,000

Good news for Michael Arrington. Yesterday, the TechCruch founder said he's launching a hedge fund that'll operate entirely in cryptocurrency (think: digital currency like bitcoin). The fund will invest in things like initial coin offerings and cryptocurrency-related startups. Meanwhile, WeWork also has a biz announcement. Yesterday, the workspace company said it bought Meetup – the company that helps people organize events around their hobbies. Earlier this year, WeWork got a cushy $4.4 billion investment from Japan's SoftBank. It's since bought a coding school, the NYC Lord & Taylor building, and invested in a company that provides co-working spaces for ladies only. Now this. No word on how much it shelled out. But the deal means Meetup has access to WeWork spaces for events, and WeWork has access to millions of Meetup members who just might need office space.

What to say when it's 4:44…

Is that you, Jay-Z? The Grammy nominations are here. Voters gave major shoutouts to a diverse group of artists in pretty much every big category. Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar have the most shots at going home with gold. Lorde is the only woman up for album of the year. Meanwhile, you're hearing about rapper Meek Mill for a different reason. Yesterday, a Pennsylvania court said 'denied' to his request to post bail. Earlier this month, he was sentenced to up to four years in prison for violating his probation on a roughly decade-old charge. Now, Mill has become a symbol for harsh sentencing practices and what many say is an unjust justice system.

What to say when you go in the revolving door the wrong way...

Blocked. Yesterday, a federal judge blocked a request for a temporary restraining order on President Trump's pick to run the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. In case you missed it, this week two people have been showing up to work as acting head of the CFPB. And it's been awkward. The CFPB is an agency that tries to make sure you don't get scammed by places like banks or credit card companies. One of these acting directors, Mick Mulvaney, is also Trump's White House Budget Director. The other is Leandra English, who was appointed by the outgoing Obama-era director. She sued, arguing that the law says she's in charge until the White House pick is approved by Congress. Now, a judge says it's totally fine for Mulvaney to keep showing up with her to work while the lawsuit goes through the courts. He can also reportedly keep showing up with doughnuts.

What people are talking about...

Fake meds. Yesterday, the World Health Organization said that roughly one in ten drugs in developing countries are fake. And that this is likely causing tens of thousands of kids to die every year from diseases like malaria and pneumonia. It's unclear where these drugs are coming from. WHO started tracking the problem in 2013, and says it could be even worse than what's being reported.

What to say when the hostess says there's a two-hour wait...

Benched. Just like Eli Manning.


2 minutes

The amount of time you're supposed to spend brushing your teeth. Tick tock. Most people don't come close to hitting this mark. Cue dentist judgment.

PS: This electric toothbrush will make those mins go faster. It looks good and travels well too. Holiday gifts, handled.



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