Skimm'd after picking out our favorite books

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DECEMBER 11, 2017



Skimm'd after picking out our favorite books


"$11 million" – How much a six-year-old made this year reviewing toys on YouTube. Because life is fair.


The Mideast

The Story

Tensions are high across the Middle East after President Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Remind me.

Last week, Trump reversed decades of US policy with this change. Controversial, since Palestinians want East Jerusalem to be the capital of their future state under any peace deal. Arab and European leaders warned that Trump's decision could end the peace process for good and lead to violence across the region.


Protests have been off and on throughout the region for days, including in Lebanon and Morocco. At least four Palestinians have been killed in Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip or clashes with Israeli forces. And yesterday, a Palestinian stabbed an Israeli security guard in Jerusalem. Other protesters have been peacefully demonstrating.


Trump said that this decision would help advance the peace process. But Palestinians have said they'll no longer play ball with US peace negotiators. And their president is now refusing to meet with Vice President Mike Pence when he visits the region later this month.

Puerto Rico

The Story

Puerto Rico's official Hurricane Maria death toll is raising a few eyebrows.

Remind me.

The Category 4 storm was the strongest to hit the US territory in almost a century. It knocked out power to the entire island. Months later, it's still struggling to get the lights back on. Many say the federal gov was too slow to respond to the crisis – and that there still isn't enough aid. Local gov officials now say the death toll is at 64. But independent reports and some media aren't so sure. They think it could be more than 1,000. And claim a lot of people who died from the storm indirectly aren't being counted.


Months after Maria, Puerto Rico is still in crisis mode. And things like power outages and medical complications are making it hard to tell exactly how many US citizens are dying as a result.


What people are watching…

Southern California. Wildfires that broke out there a week ago are still raging. They've burned about 200,000 acres and forced nearly 100,000 residents to evacuate. At least one person has died. Santa Ana winds – very strong winds that come through CA every year around this time – are making it worse. President Trump declared a state of emergency, which lets the state get federal aid. And yesterday, there were new evacuations in Santa Barbara. California's governor says this is the "new normal" thanks to things like climate change. Winds are expected to die down this week, but CA isn't supposed to get rain for days.

What to say after accepting a job offer...

Let's shake on it. Apple and Shazam are close to sealing a deal. Shazam is that app you use when you can't figure out that song from that one commercial. Apple's expected to shell out about $400 million to bring it into the fam. The app and the Fruit already work together so you can ask your best friend Siri the name of a song. The deal would mean Apple no longer has to pay Shazam to direct users to the iTunes store. And that it can get in on Shazam's music recognition tech. In return, Shazam sees some new dollar signs after struggling to bring in the big bucks in recent years.

What to say when you and your work BFF start saying the same phrases...

Need some separation. Yesterday, thousands of Romanians protested across the country against proposed changes to the country's judicial system. Critics say these changes would put the judicial branch under political control – aka no separation of powers – making it harder to hold officials accountable for things like corruption. Funny story, the ruling party pushing for these changes has multiple members facing corruption-related charges. The protests have been breaking out for weeks. And come after the gov legalized some types of corruption earlier this year – which also led to mass protests. Sensing a pattern. Now, the gov is reportedly aiming to give these new changes a thumbs up by the end of the year.

What to say when you're getting rid of a cold…

See ya. Iraq said the same to ISIS over the weekend after announcing it officially pushed the terrorist group out of the last of its territory in the country. This comes three years after ISIS rolled in and started taking over parts of Iraq. That led the US to form an international coalition to support Iraq as it fought off the group. Fast forward to this weekend, and Iraq is finally saying 'I am the captain now.' Meanwhile, the UN is reportedly calling for 137 sick children in Syria to be evacuated. These children are reportedly stranded in a rebel-held suburb near Syria's capital, and are suffering from things like kidney failure and malnutrition. The UN says they need to get out now.

What to say when you hear Baker Mayfield has a Heisman

"Big Little Lies" is looking for more awards. Season two is officially a go.

What to say when you see someone getting bullied on your commute...

Not okay.


You might have noticed that Skimm HQ loves books. And we know how much you do too.

So this holiday season, we want to put this community's bookworm ways to good use. Here's what we're thinking...

  • Send us your favorite childhood book (ages newborn to 18) by 12/22

  • Include a note explaining why it's meaningful to you (sending from Amazon? Use the "Add a gift receipt" feature at checkout)

  • Send new books to the address below

  • For every book we get, we'll also donate $2 up to $50,000

We'll be donating everything to Pajama Program. We'll work with them to make sure your book and note gets into the hands of a kid who needs it in the NYC area.

We've got the answers to all of your questions here.

Skimm HQ
Attn: Book Drive
50 W 23rd Street
Suite 5B
New York, NY 10010

PS: theSkimm isn't making any money off of these books


Silver balls, silver balls. Holiday season's in full swing and so is the NFL playoffs watch. Here are some games HQ's had its eye on...

Playing the in the Atlanta Falcons beat the New Orleans Saints on Thursday with a late-in-the-game field goal. Meaning the Falcons are still in the running to win their division, the NFC South, and head to the playoffs. in the Buffalo Bills beat the Indianapolis Colts during a blizzard. The Bills' win in OT means they're still in the running for the playoffs. Brrr it's hopeful in here.

Silver in the Philadelphia Eagles – aka the team in that movie with J. Law and Bradley Cooper – beat the Los Angeles Rams in a thiiiis close game. The Eagles also solidified their spot as the top team in the NFC East.



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