Skimm'd while getting behind The Girl Generation. Happy International Women's Day

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MARCH 08, 2018


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Skimm'd while getting behind The Girl Generation. Happy International Women's Day


"We're aware of this and working to fix it" – Amazon, confirming that Alexa is randomly laughing at people. Don't worry, they said. Robots can't take over the world, they said.


The Story

The Department of Veterans Affairs is in the hot seat.

What's happening?

Yesterday, the department's watchdog issued a report that – for years – leadership failings have put patients at risk at a major medical center. Think: things like a lack of medical supplies, unsterile conditions, and canceled surgeries after patients were already under anesthesia. VA Secretary David Shulkin says he's overhauling senior leadership around the country. Good idea.

This sounds familiar…

Because you've been hearing reports about issues at VA hospitals for years. Like this waitlist scandal from a few years ago. And it comes at a bad time for Shulkin, who's been under fire after using taxpayer dollars for his wife to join him on a 10-day European trip last summer.


There are millions of vets in the US who rely on VA healthcare. And for years, they haven't been getting the treatment they deserve.


What to say when you hear Florida is trying to make Daylight Saving Time a year-long thing...

It's also trying to make this happen. Yesterday, Florida's lawmakers passed a rare gun-control bill and sent it to the governor to sign. Last month, a gunman stormed a school in Parkland, FL, killing 17 people. Survivors quickly launched a major national campaign to end gun violence. But some local lawmakers have been under pressure from the National Rifle Association to resist gun-control efforts. Days after the attack, lawmakers refused to consider a bill that would ban assault rifles. But yesterday, they passed a bill that would do some other things the NRA hasn't signed off on. Like raise the age to buy guns from 18 to 21 and ban bump stocks – which make guns fire faster. It's now up to the governor – who's been pro-NRA – to sign off.

What to say when your friend judges you for using Splenda…

It's not poison. But this is. Yesterday, British police said that a Russian ex-spy was poisoned. Years ago, the spy defected to the UK – and got caught. He was imprisoned in Russia, but later freed and sent to the UK as part of a swap. This week, he and his daughter were found unconscious on a bench and sent to the hospital. They're in critical condition. The UK is still investigating what went down, and won't say exactly what the poison was. But they're calling it attempted murder. And giving Russia a dirty look. This isn't the first time a former Russian spy was poisoned in the UK.

What to say when you're feeling like a chocolate croissant…

Oh, bonjour. Yesterday, France told companies they have to close the gender pay gap or face fines. Fun reminder: women on average make less money than men all over the world. And in France, women get nine percent less. Now, the country's saying 'enough.' Over the next few years, companies with more than 50 employees have to install software that monitors any employee pay gaps. If a gap isn't justified, the company has three years to get its bureaucratic sh*t together or pay the price. Oui, oui.

What to say when your coworker still has your iPhone charger…

Cough it up. Yesterday, the US Holocaust Museum took back an award it had given Myanmar leader Aung San Suu Kyi. For years, Suu Kyi took on the country's military dictatorship and became a symbol of resistance. She got a bunch of awards, including the Nobel Peace Prize and the Holocaust Museum's Elie Wiesel Award. But last summer, Myanmar's military cracked down on Rohingya, a Muslim minority group. They destroyed villages and brutally killed thousands of people. Hundreds of thousands were forced to flee to neighboring Bangladesh, where they are living in makeshift homes that are threatened by monsoon season. As the country's leader, Suu Kyi did nothing. Instead, she's been accused of spreading hate against Rohingya and refusing to let the UN and journalists investigate. Now, the Holocaust Museum's telling her 'you don't deserve nice things.'

What to say when you hear "Cat Person" wants to give you goosebumps...

So spoooky. The author of this NYT article has other reasons to freak.

What to say to your friend who uses the upside-down smiley emoji...

McDonald's is also flipping the script.


Today is International Women's Day. Part of our goal this week has been to help millennial women feel smarter about some areas of their reproductive health. We've talked birth control, fertility options and struggles, and now we're talking birth. Whether you want to be a party of one or a table for ten, here are some things to know...

Pitocin: It's a man-made version of a hormone that can help speed up labor. Some (like the WHO) think healthcare providers are too quick to reach for this.

Epidural: We see your labor pains and we raise you the epidural. It's an injection that delivers anesthetics into your spine so you don't have to feel the feels. Some swear by it, others swear against it.

Placenta: The organ attached to your uterus that nourishes the baby and more. After you push out a person, surprise: you're not done. Still gotta deliver the placenta.

PS: There are a number of ways to electively have a child. You could adopt, have a surrogate, foster, etc. Do you.

There's more Skimm...

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Skimm'r of the Week Lyndsey Jefferson (Indianapolis, IN) has an idea. She works at The Girl Generation, a global non-profit fighting to end female genital mutilation. Half a million women in the US are affected by it. Plus 200 million worldwide. Learn more here.

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