Skimm'd while learning how to talk about mental health

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MAY 02, 2018


Learn About Mental Health Stigmas...

Skimm'd while learning how to talk about mental health


"What else is he lying about??" – Chrissy Teigen apparently had no idea John Legend wrote the music for "SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical." It's tied with "Mean Girls" for the most Tony noms this year. Legend-ary.



The Story

Yesterday, Mark Zuckerberg spoke at Facebook's developer conference – and shared a whole bunch of status updates.


Clear History: a feature that will let users delete their browsing history on Facebook. He also promised a dating service that'll be for more than "just hookups." Who said romance was dead? Facebook-owned WhatsApp and Instagram are getting video chat updates. Insta's getting a filter to crack down on bullying. And don't worry, Zuck knows people are still feeling lukewarm about the company for the fake news and election interference. So he's still promising to hire 20,000 employees this year to take care of it.

So he's in the clear?

No, not at all. UK lawmakers have threatened Zuckerberg with a formal summons if he doesn't show up and answer their Qs about data privacy. Hopefully they know a few things about how the internet works


Facebook wants to move on from the Cambridge Analytica scandal and go back to controlling every aspect of your social life.


The Story

Apple CEO Tim Cook just cooked up an earnings report.

What's the bottom line?

Apple beat earnings expectations. And raked in $61.1 billion in revenue in what the Fruit says is its best Q2 ever. Golf claps. iPhone sales – even for the iPhone X – are up. Just not as much as Wall Street hoped. The company also has its services businesses to thank for bringing in cash. Think: Apple Pay, iTunes, and the App Store. Oh and thanks to tax cuts, Apple's feeling spendy. It wants to buy back $100 billion in shares. The company's stock popped bubbly.


Apple is the largest public tech company in the world. And it wants you to know it.


What to say when someone tries to get ahead of you in line for a table...

Not in the mood. Neither is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein – who's overseeing the special counsel's Trump-Russia investigation. A report came out this week that Republicans in Congress are drafting legislation to impeach him. That's because they're apparently upset he hasn't turned over some docs related to the investigation – including surveillance of former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page. Yesterday, Rosenstein responded, saying the DOJ is "not going to be extorted." Meanwhile, these aren't the only docs being talked about in DC. Yesterday, Texas and a few other states sued the Trump administration for not getting rid of DACA – the program that protects hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants from being deported. President Trump isn't a fan of the program and passed it over to Congress to end. But the courts have kept it going. Now, these states are saying 'no seriously, end it.' Oh, and Trump's former doctor is spilling all the tea.

What to say when you have a big work presentation...

I'm ready. So are teachers in Arizona for a fifth day of protests. They're some of the lowest paid teachers in the country. And aren't happy about it. Last week, they started the first teacher walkout in the state. Ever. The goal: get the gov to sign off on a 20% pay bump and more school funding. If this sounds familiar, that's because you've seen recent teacher walkouts in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. It's being called a Teachers' Spring. Now it looks like AZ's protests may wrap up soon. The state's legislature is expected to sign off on a deal later today – which doesn't cover all of the teachers' demands. But teachers say they'll head back to their classrooms tomorrow if the gov OK's it. And will continue to fight for the other demands in the long run.

What to say when the barista pours you a single espresso shot…

Triple it. That's how much the CDC says diseases have increased from mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas in recent years. Fun. Since 2004, the number of Zika, Lyme disease, and West Nile virus cases have reached more than 640,000. And nine new diseases were either discovered or brought into the US in that time. Some factors: higher temps. More deer. And international travel (see: Zika circa 2016). The CDC calls this an "accelerating trend." Bug spray, on.

What people are watching...


What to say when you hear Busy Philipps is making a TV comeback

"Arrested Development" is making a comeback from its comeback.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month. All week, we'll be here, talking about mental health: what it means, the kinds of challenges people are facing, and how to maintain good mental health. Today is about stigma: the negative perceptions or stereotypes that come with mental health struggles.

Learn what this is, and how you can make sure you're not a part of the problem, here.

PD: Aprende más sobre el estigma de la salud mental en español.


For when you're trying to be less critical of yourself…

Skimm'r of the Week Wendy Gladney gets it. She founded Forgiving For Living – a non-profit that teaches young women about positive self-image. The goal: help them overcome behavioral, mental health, and self-esteem problems. Donate here.

For when you're about to send an aggressive email...

Stop, drop, and focus on your mental health. Use our fave app to meditate at any time of day. It has everything from super short sessions to long, themed meditations. All you have to do is breathe, and download it here.*

For your friend who's obsessed with Trader Joe's…

Skimm HQ is too. That's why we're listening to TJ's new pod. It's answering all our burning questions…like why employees wear Hawaiian shirts.

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