Skimm'd after packing for a weekend getaway

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JUNE 29, 2018


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Skimm'd after packing for a weekend getaway


"It is my favourite and I don't want anyone else to have it" – A six-year-old from the UK is not interested in giving out book recs. Because sharing is overrated.



The Story

The DOJ just announced its largest crackdown on healthcare fraud. Ever.

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About 600 people are being charged with trying to fraud the healthcare system. And the DOJ is saying 'you're done here.' Docs, nurses, and other medical professionals are being called out for things like submitting insurance claims for meds patients didn't need (like opioids). And sometimes never got. This led to $2 billion in false bills to places like Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance companies. AG Jeff Sessions says some of these people helped fuel the ongoing opioid epidemic. Which kills about 115 Americans every day.


This isn't just about defrauding insurance companies. This crackdown alone allegedly took advantage of vulnerable patients and helped give out more than 13 million illegal doses of opioids.


The Story

Amazon is diving deeper into the healthcare pond.

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Over the last few months, the 'Zon's been dipping its toes into the industry. There's that venture with JPMorgan and Berkshire Hathaway that we still don't know thaaat much about. Now, this. Yesterday, the co said it's coughing up about $1 billion for PillPack – a little known online pharmacy that ships meds right to your door. It's also starting a program to let people start businesses that would deliver Amazon packages. Unrelated? Maybe. Maybe not. Walgreens, CVS Health and Rite Aid are cursing Jeff Bezos while watching their stocks go down.


Amazon is getting a new rep for disrupting industries. First it was food businesses (hi, Whole Foods). Now it's health care. Companies are shaking in their boots wondering if their industries are next.


What people are watching…

The shooting at the Capital Gazette. Yesterday, a gunman opened fire at the Gazette's newsroom in Annapolis, MD. Five people were killed and two others were injured. The suspect is in custody and has been charged with first-degree murder. Police say the shooting was targeted. Security was heightened at newsrooms around the country. Journalists are rallying to try and help support the victims.

What to say when your SO asks why you're upset…

And now, my list of complaints. Yesterday, House Republicans went off on Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray. This meeting was technically supposed to be about Hillary Clinton's email server. Because #TBT. But the reps spiced it up. And included complaints about how long the Trump-Russia investigation was taking, how it may or may not be biased, and how it is just tearing the country apart. They were especially PO'd that Rosenstein hasn't handed over some investigation-related docs they want. They voted to give the DOJ one week to comply with their request for the docs, or else…nothing. The measure they passed is non-binding. That'll show him.

What to say when your obnoxious coworker gets fired…

Don't let the door hit you. The NFL fined outgoing Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson $2.75 million for his workplace behavior. Last year, a report came out that Richardson sexually harassed female employees and used a racial slur. And that he would settle with people in exchange for them keeping quiet. Now the NFL is telling him to pay up, and giving most of the money to orgs working on gender and race issues. The NFL is also blowing the whistle on Jameis Winston. Two years ago, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB groped a female Uber driver. The NFL looked into it – and is now suspending him for the first three games in the fall.

What to say after pulling an all-nighter…

EU leaders just pulled one too. And now say they have a deal on what to do about the migrant crisis. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of people have fled the Mideast and Africa for the EU. Many of them are escaping things like poverty and violence back home. The crisis has led to a rise in far-right, anti-immigrant parties across the EU. It's the reason you keep hearing stories like this and this. And has put a lot of pressure on EU leaders to better manage the flow of people. Now they say they have a fix. It's short on specifics. So yes, you'll keep hearing about this.

What to say when the party whittles down to your closest friends…

I'm here for this. The World Cup's round of 16 – aka knockout phase – starts tomorrow. Ball out.

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What to say when you're wondering what Elon Musk is up to these days...

Farting unicorns.