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JULY 25, 2018


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The US

The Story

The Trump administration is getting ready to give farmers $12 billion in aid.

Why so generous?

For the past few months, the US gov has been upping tariffs on other countries (think: China, the EU, Mexico, Canada) it says aren't trading fair. Countries are hitting back. And US farmers have been hit especially hard – as countries have targeted tariffs on things like meat and soy. Now the Trump admin has an idea.

Which is…?

Make it rain. Yesterday, the Trump admin said it's going to pay US farmers to make up for the lost money. Here's how: either by cash, or by buying up what hasn't sold and sending it to food banks, or by teaming up with businesses to create new markets.

What are people saying?

Trump says "Tariffs are the greatest!" and should be used toward countries that have taken advantage of the US for years. Lawmakers say that farmers don't want a bailout – they want an end to the trade war.


The farming industry has been hurtin' for certain for years now. And Trump's trade war isn't helping. This new plan is being pitched as a short-term fix. But it has many worried that it's a sign the trade war isn't going away anytime soon.


The Story

Venezuela's inflation could hit 1,000,000% by the end of this year. Yes, one million.


Venezuela's economy was once a hot-ticket item thanks to its hefty oil supply. But oil prices dropped and hit its economy, hard. Now the country has been in crisis mode for several years. The currency is basically worthless. There's a shortage of food, water, and other basics. And hundreds of thousands of people have fled the country. Now, this.

What's going on?

The IMF says the Venezuela's inflation spiral could reach new records. The prez blames the economic problems on the US and EU. Critics are saying 'nah, this one's on you.'


Venezuelans are experiencing one of the worst inflation crises in modern history. It's being compared to Germany after World War I. And it's only expected to get worse.


What to say when you need to correct someone

Get this on tape. Yesterday, a recording came out between President Trump and his former "fixer" Michael Cohen. It's from before the 2016 election and has them talking about a plan to buy the rights to a former Playboy model's story – she alleges she had an affair with Trump. Cohen is under investigation for possible campaign finance violations. His team says the recording shows Trump suggesting a cash payment. Trump's team says 'not true.' The recording also seems to show that Trump knew about plans to keep the model quiet. His team has said he didn't know.

What to say when you're running late to the movies…

This could be tight. Today, Pakistan is saying 'I voted' in what will be the second democratic transfer of power in the country's history. But things are on shaky ground. There've been terror attacks on candidates and campaign rallies – including one earlier this month that killed more than 140 people. And a suicide bombing near a polling station this morning killed at least 30 people. Also on people's list of concerns: the struggling economy, a media crackdown, and the military allegedly meddling in the elections. Here are the two frontrunners: Shahbaz Sharif – the bro of the former PM who was kicked out last year for corruption. And Imran Khan – a populist, conservative, former cricket champ who wants to crack down on corruption and is allegedly backed by the military. If neither gets a majority, there'll have to be a coalition gov.

Who people are thinking about…

Demi Lovato. Yesterday, the 25-year-old singer was hospitalized in LA after suffering an apparent overdose. Her rep says she's "awake and with her family." Lovato has been vocal about her struggles with drug addiction. Last month, she revealed in a song that she'd relapsed after being sober for six years.

What to say when the project is a fail…

Shut it down. A study in the Netherlands giving pregnant women Viagra was shut down after almost a dozen babies died. You know what Viagra does for guys'...blood flow. Researchers wanted to see if it could improve blood flow in a woman's placenta, which could potentially help the fetus grow. More than 90 women – whose babies were having severe growth problems – were given a generic form of Viagra. Last week, an independent committee said 'hold up' after they realized more babies than expected were being born with lung problems. And 11 babies died. The drug may have caused high blood pressure, which led to the babies not getting enough oxygen. Now at least 10 women are waiting to find out if their baby was affected. And researchers in Canada are also hitting the breaks on a similar trial happening there.

What to say when you hear Ivanka Trump is losing her fashion brand

She's getting a sis-in-law.