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NOVEMBER 27, 2018


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Skimm'd while giving back


"If all you eat is canned beans and cooked lentils and drink beer, you're not my kind of flatmate" – One person's requirements for a potential roommate. that you?


The Story

Ukraine's parliament gave the OK to impose martial law in areas bordering Russia.

I know what martial law is, but I wanna hear you say it.

It's typically invoked during national emergencies like invasion or war. And gives the gov power to do things like restrict rallies and have more control over the media. In this case, it's temporary: it goes into effect for 30 days starting tomorrow.

How did we get here?

Russia and Ukraine have a rocky history. A few years ago, Ukraine's pro-Russian prez backed out of a deal with the EU at the last minute. Many thought it was because of his ties to Russia. It led to violent anti-gov protests, and the prez being pushed out of office. So when there was an opening for a potential pro-Western leader to take over, Russia jumped in and annexed nearby Crimea (a move still not supported by the international community). Since then, there's been fighting between Ukrainian forces and Russian-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine. And Russia has been trying to expand its control over Crimea and the waters around it – which is what led to things heating up over the weekend.

Quick recap, please.

On Sunday, Ukrainian ships were trying to pass through the Kerch Strait – a body of water next to Crimea that both countries share. Russia shot at the ships and detained two dozen Ukrainian sailors. Ukraine says it told Russia it was headed there. But Russia called it a "provocation" and reportedly said it was an attempt to distract from the Ukrainian president's weak approval ratings.

What's the latest?

Yesterday, Ukraine's parliament voted to enact martial law in parts of the country that border Russia. Meanwhile, the EU and NATO criticized Russia for its move – which UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called "outrageous violation" of Ukraine's independence.


This is the first time Ukraine has imposed martial law since this conflict started in 2014. And it has many people worried that this escalation of tensions could lead to something worse. Expect this to be top of mind when President Trump and President Putin meet at the G20 summit later this week.


What people are talking about…

GM. Yesterday, it announced it's cutting thousands of jobs in North America. GM's earnings are fine, but sales have been slipping – thanks in part to customers choosing bigger cars like SUVs over mid-sized cars. The Trump admin's steel and aluminum tariffs haven't helped. Cue this restructuring. GM's now ending production for several cars and shutting down five factories in North America. It expects to save about $6 billion a year by 2020, and is focusing more on self-driving and electric cars. Wall Street liked the news. President Trump did not. He wants to keep jobs right where they are – and is apparently pressuring the co's CEO to cut production in China and keep things going in the US.

What to say when someone asks 'do you want a sticker?'…

Yes, an 'I voted' one. Today, Mississippians are heading to the polls to pick a senator. The options: current Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith (R) and former Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy (D). The race has been overshadowed by controversial remarks Hyde-Smith has made about a public hanging, voter suppression, and a photo she once posted in Confederate garb. All of this is especially troubling considering Mississippi's history with racism. Yesterday, nooses were found on trees near the state's Capitol with signs that said "we need someone who respects the lives of lynch victims." Police are looking into who's behind it.

What to say when you lie about overspending on Cyber Monday…

At least you didn't lie to the feds. Yesterday, special counsel Robert Mueller accused Paul Manafort of lying to him. Mueller: the one heading the investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election, and whether the Trump campaign was involved. Manafort: President Trump's former campaign chairman, who was charged with a bunch of financial crimes, many related to his time working as a lobbyist for a pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. Earlier this year, the two sides reached a plea deal in exchange for Manafort cooperating with Mueller's investigation. But now, Mueller says Manafort's been lying to him on a range of topics, violating the terms of the deal. He's asking the judge to go ahead and sentence Manafort – who's expected to face at least 10 years in prison.

What to say when you reach out to an old ex…

Making contact. Just like NASA's spacecraft that landed on Mars after a very intense few minutes. Next, it's going to look around and try to get more info on the inside of the planet (think: the core and mantle). It could help us find out how the planet formed and why Mars – which may have once held liquid water – and Earth turned out so differently. Whatever floats your probe.

What to say when you missed someone...

Welcome back, Amanda.


You ate all the food. And bought all the things (on sale). Now time to do some good because today's #GivingTuesday – aka the Tuesday after Thanksgiving that's all about charity work and giving to others.

But giving isn't a one-size-fits-all thing. There are multiple ways to give. So figure out what your giving style is and how to make the most of it here.

PS: We're here to help you celebrate smarter this holiday season (think: gifts people will actually like, travel hacks, and finding some much-needed zen). Get on it.


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