Co-founder and CEO, Danielle Weisberg

Co-founder and CEO, Carly Zakin


Director, Joey Finnegan


Senior Vice President of Communications, Lizzie Wolff

Senior Director of Communications, Jessica Pepper


Community Coordinator, Karisa Desjardins


Vice President, Farra Kober


Managing Editor, Niven McCall-Mazza

Senior Editor, Hadley Malcolm

Editor, Clem Robineau

Writer, Daniela Franco Brown

Writer, Summer Lin

Writer, Maria Martinolich

Writer, Julie Shain

Editorial Assistant, Emma Tyrrell

Content Development

Managing Editor, Eugenia Finizio

Senior Editor of Finance, Elyse Steinhaus

Finance Writer, Sarah Berger

Editorial Associate, Special Projects, Lindsay Schneider

Branded Content

Senior Director, Jessica Kelly

Branded Content Editor, Jana Pollack

Branded Content Editor, Shanna Shipin


Senior Director, Kateri Jochum

Senior Producer, Julia Nutter

Host/Producer, Justine Davie

Producer, Luke Vargas

Associate Producer, Anna Mazarakis

Audio Engineer, Marion Lozano


Senior Director, Becca Litt

Editor, Breezy Granzow

Producer, Rachel Klein

Social Media

Director, Liat Kornowski

Associate Producer, Elise Adams

Associate Producer, Sam Nicles


Director, Ronlee Ben-Gal

Director, Michael Gray

Senior Designer, Minhee Kim

Designer, Lindsay Lange

Designer, Jacqui McCullough


Senior Director Insights, Lindsey Marshall

Senior Manager Insights, Brenna Smith

Senior Insights Analyst, Lauren Engelke


Chief Marketing Officer, Pat Shores

Senior Vice President, Membership Marketing, Dork Alahydoian

Senior Marketing Manager, David Hashim

Marketing Manager, Hannah Byrne

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Janani Jayakumar

Product Marketing Manager, Kelly Jaye

Paid Marketing Manager, Rachel Davis


Chief Product Officer, Dheerja Kaur

Director of Product, Sam Goertler

Product Support Associate, Noorie Deolall-Antoine


Senior Vice President, Lynn Pine

Vice President, Alexis Goldstein

Vice President Sales Strategy, Keeley Patterson

Senior Manager, Brand Strategy, Alex Horowitz

Manager, Brand Strategy, Arpita Mehta

Director, Ad Product & Planning, Michelle Simon

Sales Planner, Rachel Tyson

Client Services Manager, Raven Evans

Client Services Coordinator, Erin Lueck

Director of Sales, Sara Colodner

West Coast Sales Director, Hana Zuckerman

Business Development Manager, Maggie Gibson

Senior Account Executive, Anoush Schaefer

Senior Account Executive, Madison Sutton

Account Executive, Sarah Ehrlich

Account Executive, Meg Gegler

Account Executive, Renee Picciolo

Account Executive, Daniel Torres


Chief Technology Officer, Matt Boggie

VP of Data and Analytics, Lizzy Wong

Data Engineer, Andreas Santoso

Data Engineer, Layla Zhang

Data Analyst, Michaela Browning

Data Analyst, Paul Vithayathil

Director of Engineering, David Heimann

Staff Software Engineer, Stew Laufer

Senior Dev Ops Engineer, Matthew Greenwald

Software Engineer, Daniel Golant

Software Engineer, Christie Ramsaran

Software Engineer, Ritam Mehta

Director of Engineering, Grant Schulte

Software Engineer, Suzanne Jacobson

Software Engineer, Johann Kerr

Software Engineer, Rachel Miller

Software Engineer, Chris Towler

Software Engineer, Missy Wimberly

Director of iOS Engineering, Brian Papa

iOS Engineer, Andrew Lection

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