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8 Cooling Comforters to Keep Hot Sleepers Comfy All Summer Long

Design: theSkimm | Image: Coyuchi
Mar 14, 2023

This post was originally published in March 2022 and has been updated.

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Maybe you tend to sleep hot all year long, or maybe you’re more prone to night sweats once warmer temps roll around. Either way, there’s nothing fun about losing sleep trying to get comfy as you kick off your sheets in the middle of the night. That’s why we’ve rounded up some cooling comforters and more you’ll want to snuggle up to as you catch some Zzz’s. Kissing that toss-and-turn life goodbye in 3, 2, 1…

A lightweight comforter that’ll keep you comfy year-round… 

This one from Coyuchi is designed with a versatile, 100% organic cotton crinkle diamond-stitched fabric and arrives in a reusable cotton fabric bag — all fair trade certified. We’ve used this comforter, and love how it stays in place better than most despite not being bulky, and its corner loops give it an extra anchor. It’s lightweight, but still keeps us warm without feeling overheated on chilly nights or in an air-conditioned room. The comforter comes in white, steel blue, and undyed (which we’re partial to). If you’ve got a duvet cover, throw this one inside during the cooler months. And if you don’t, here’s one we love. ($298+, Coyuchi)

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An all-season comforter that retains and directs heat when you need it…

Sijo’s most advanced comforter has got serious temp control. This cooling comforter retains your heat when you’re warm and releases it back when you’re cold, so you’ll be comfy all night long. It works alone, or you can pair it with any of the brand’s duvet covers for a little extra warmth if you tend to run cold, or during the winter months. Oh, and make sure you don’t throw it in the wash with any zippers or rough materials to keep it in tip-top shape. ($188+, Sijo)

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An elegant-looking cooling comforter made with bamboo…

Thanks to its naturally thermal-regulating bamboo viscose fabric (and its thinner density design), this comforter keeps hot sleepers cool and dry all night long. It comes in five colors (we love the sapphire) and has a sateen weave that’ll make your bedroom look just a little more luxurious. This one is machine washable, and you can tuck the extra-long corners underneath your mattress for a chic hotel vibe. ($159.99+, Luxome)

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An ultra-plush down-alternative comforter with options…

Choose from lightweight, all-season, or ultra-warm for a customized sleeping experience. We recommend the lightweight option for truly hot sleepers, and the all-season option for those who tend to catch a little chill during the night. This cooling comforter is stuffed with hypoallergenic recycled PET fibers within a 100% cotton sateen shell. Sleep tight. ($127.20+, Brooklinen)

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An eco-friendly comforter whose fill is made with recycled water bottles… 

This down-alternative cooling comforter has a shell made from Tencel Lyocell — a breathable fiber made from sustainably sourced wool pulp — and a 100% recycled polyester fill. Its design keeps the fill fluffy and in place, so you’ll stay comfy throughout the night. The best part? You can try it for 30 nights risk-free. If you don’t love it, just send it back for a full refund. See you never, nighttime sweats. ($199+, Casper)

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A moisture-wicking comforter that comes in two warmth levels…

This cooling comforter has been stuffed with moisture-wicking filling so you can wake up feeling fresh every morning. Choose from two densities: all-season, for year-round comfort, or extra warm, for those who like things a little more toasty. The duvet’s shell is made from 100% organic cotton and it’s also hypoallergenic. Hello, restful nights. ($230+, West Elm)

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A lightweight cooling comforter that won’t break the bank… 

This all-season comforter is an Amazon favorite for hot sleepers. Reviewers rave about how comfortable and breathable it is for those who tend to sweat at night. It has box stitching so the microfiber filling stays in place, it’s machine washable, and it comes in four colors and six sizes. Your wallet says ‘thanks.’ ($39.90+, Amazon)

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And a comforter cover that only gets softer over time… 

Made from 100% European flax, this cooling comforter cover set’s fabric is pre-washed for ultimate softness. It’s the perfect weight for housing your duvet during warmer months, and the set comes with two lightweight shams for a cohesive bedding look. Pro tip: Launder your Quince bedding with the brand’s lavender wool balls for extra softness. ($139.90+, Quince)

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