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Beauty Products That’ll Simplify Your Routine

products that'll make your beauty routine easier
Laura Wright
Sep 18, 2020

Don’t get us wrong...we love self-care. We’re all about finding a beauty routine that works for you. But we’re also aware that products you put on your face and hair can get pricey. And that 17 steps in a routine is pretty tiring. 

So we rounded up products that can simplify your process, cut down on time, and do more than one job. We even asked Skimm editors for their most-loved recs. Because we want you to save some cash and get to bed on time.

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A universal balm that’ll work on your lips (and everywhere else)...

It’s got antioxidants to nourish dry skin. Plus it comes flavored or you can stick with the original and use it on your hands, elbows, and feet. The beeswax will act as a protective barrier against skin irritants. ($12, Glossier)

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An eyeliner stamp if you spend way too much trying to get even wings…

Smooth lines every time? Yes, please. This smudge-free stick will do the work your shaky hand might not be able to. Its waterproof formula will stay all day long, too. It gets our stamp of approval. ($14.97+, Amazon)

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A pimple patch to remove all the gunk that sits underneath your skin…

Whiteheads, we’re looking at you. These hydrocolloid patches cover breakouts and reduce inflammation. They work to extract pus, healing the skin along the way. You can apply one before heading to bed and then remove in the morning. We’re talking minimal effort. ($6.95/pack of 2, Amazon)

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A mild face wash for all skin types...

It’ll clear away makeup, pollutants, and dirt that settle deep into your skin. Plus, it won’t dry you out and can be used every day. Packed with white tea, rosemary, chamomile, aloe, and’s like your beauty superhero. Skimm’rs get 15% off when they purchase. Add it to your regimen, stat.* ($22, Lather)

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A color-correcting cream that doubles as a sunscreen…

Foundation + coverage from UV rays. It’s suitable for all skin types, won’t crease or crack, and is infused with collagen to increase firmness. We can’t help but adore a multi-use product. ($39.50, Ulta Beauty)

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A vitamin C serum that’ll fight dark spots for you…

Or acne scars. Or age spots. Also packed with vitamin E, it’ll do the heavy-lifting of brightening your skin to an even, smooth texture. You can apply it before moisturizing. ($36, Hyper Skin)

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A post-blemish rescue balm so your skin can recover faster…

So you just popped a pimple. Now what? This cream can help your skin get back on track by fighting scarring, uneven texture, and redness. No more waiting weeks for a pimple to clear. Bless. ($12.99, Hero Cosmetics)

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A hydrating moisturizer for dry skin…

Be gone, annoying flakes and scaly patches. This gel cream has hyaluronic acid, which locks in moisture. So instead of using multiple creams to get smooth skin, you’ll just need one. It’s also non-comedogenic so it can be worn under makeup and it won’t clog pores. Huzzah. ($16.99, Target)

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A brush designed to get out serious tangles…

Instead of pulling or breaking your hair, this brush will gently work through tough knots. So when you wake up with a literal nest on your head, you won’t have to spend an hour on just one section. ($7.19+, Target)

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A leave-in mask to repair dry, damaged hair…

Ah, heat tools. Raise your hand if you went a bit wild with your straightener in the past. To help hydrate your locks, spray this mask onto freshly washed hair. And that’s it. No washing out. It’ll work to strengthen and revive fried strands and split ends. ($28, Briogeo)

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A makeup removing cloth that’ll help you reduce waste…

No more wipes in your garbage. Just one reusable cloth that works on sensitive skin to get rid of whatever’s on your face (including waterproof mascara). All you’ve got to do is add water. No chemicals. Just a couple swipes over the skin. Magic. ($9.99/set of 4, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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A nail polish top coat so your manicure doesn’t instantly chip…

We’re talking a rapid-dry sealer that can help set your polish for up to two weeks. It’ll dry streak-free and add a bit of extra shine. So you can proudly flash your hands on Zoom. ($8.55, Walmart)

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A hot air brush that’ll give you salon-like results with minimal effort...

And no, you don’t have to be an expert. Consider this a brush and hair dryer in one. It features three heat and speed settings, plus a cool option for styling. The oval design helps to smooth your locks and create volume. Hello, good hair days. ($41.99, Amazon)

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A dry shampoo for the days you don’t really feel like washing…

We don’t blame you. This one can extend the life of your blow out, reduce oil production, and keep your hair feeling fresh. Because sometimes you just are too lazy to hop in the shower. No shame. ($24, Briogeo)

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A finishing stick to tame all those baby hairs…

Like the ones around your face and at the back of your neck. The ones that won’t stay down no matter how much you flatten them. This gel will finally get them to stay. in. place. ($7.98, Amazon)

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A volumizing mascara that won’t flake…

But will wash off with just warm water. So if you need to do a quick wash, you won’t spend extra time rubbing your eyes. ($28, Sephora)

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