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The Best Blenders for Every Need: From Hand Blenders to Personal Blenders and More

Best blenders for every need baby blender
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May 11, 2022

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Blenders mean a lot more than healthy morning smoothies on deck. With the right blender you can chop, puree, mash, slush, and more. (Hi, easier meal prep.) From hand blenders to quiet blender models to baby food blenders, we’ve rounded up some of our faves for different needs. BRB, making a frozen margarita

An immersion blender for soups and smoothies… 

Aka a hand blender that you immerse into your ingredients instead of placing them in a standard blender. It’s got two speed settings and a 300-watt motor that’ll tackle any recipe — from tomato soup to nutty apple butter. The grip has been ergonomically designed for comfort even during time-consuming prep, and we love its one-touch design — aka one button to switch from high to low. The blender also comes with a 24-ounce mixing cup perfect for breakfasts and lunches to take on your commute. ($54.95, HSN)

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A portable blender for on-the-go eats… 

And we mean on-the-go. It’s got USB-adapted charging that’ll give it three to five hours of blending action. The brand recommends blending foods no larger than two inches for optimum smoothness and adding liquids to fill at least one-fifth of the 14-ounce bottle for every blend. We’re partial to the baby pink, but it comes in four other colors too. Oh, and remember that while the bottle is dishwasher safe, the base is not. ($36.99, Amazon)

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A hand blender meant for frothing… 

Enter: barista-level foam atop your coffee, warm milk, or matcha. This one is USB rechargeable and can froth at 19,000 RPMs (revolutions per minute), which means it’s perfect for blending heavier powders and thicker mixtures — even sauces and marinades. Customers love the silent but powerful motor that can fit anywhere. ($20, MUD/WTR)

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One with all the fixins for an ultimate blend…  

Like three functions to tackle frozen drinks, smoothies, sauces, and way more. Its 1100-watt motor will pulverize your ice for easy snow cones and chop your veggies without turning them into mush. And on top of its 72-ounce pitcher with lid, it comes with two 16-ounce to-go cups, two spout cups, and a 28-recipe inspiration guide. Bottoms up. ($99.99, Amazon)

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A powerful personal blender made for single servings… 

It’s the perfect kitchen addition for personal recipes and morning blends for one — like healthy smoothies and individually portioned sauces. It has a 600-watt motor and comes with a 24-ounce cup with a to-go lid (plus a recipe book). ($73.21, Amazon)

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A baby food blender to make fresh purees and mashes for your little one…  

It doesn’t get much cuter than blender cups with smiley faces. This appliance’s blending system is meant to create food for each stage of your baby’s development. Plus, the easy cleanup, matching freezer tray, handle cup and storage cups will make everything from start to finish a breeze. Blend, baby, blend. ($59.99, Amazon)

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A blender–food processor combo that’ll handle it all… 

Aka you can mix dough with it, use it as a food processor, and crush ice with it. It won’t stall or shake, no matter how thick its contents, and its six auto-presets make using it super convenient. We love its cleaning brush that lets you get hard-to-reach places and the dough blade that mimics the kneading motion all your fave baked goods call for. Sweet. ($89.99, Amazon)

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A quiet blender you won’t have to shout over…

And can still deliver serious power for whipping through nut butters, pulverizing ice, and heating up soups. There seems to be very little this blender can’t handle. It’s got 11 speeds and six pre-programmed blend cycles to tackle virtually any recipe — from ice creams to cappuccinos, bread doughs to fresh whole juices. And customers are impressed by how it won’t wake up the whole fam when in use. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and a 90-day sound closure warranty. We love the sound of that too. ($799.95, Amazon

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