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The Best of Skimm Reads 2017...So Far

Mar 28, 2017

So far, this year has paired well with a book, a bed with lots of blankets (we like this one) and a large glass of pinot. Skimm HQ has been flipping through a lot of pages. These are our favs.

What to read on the flight...

"Exit West" by Mohsin Hamid – About two people who are just starting to fall in love...while their country (that sounds a lot like Syria) is falling apart. They run away through a series of doors that help people escape. This read's like "The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe," but set in the real world. You’ll be hearing about it, so get into it now.Loading Spinner

What to read if you're addicted to your phone...

"All Our Wrong Todays" by Elan Matsai – Imagine a world with flying cars, no aging, and casual trips to the moon. This one's about a guy who lives in that world, but accidentally shifts into the reality we all know...and it might be better for him. It sounds weird, but we're hooked. Think: "Outlander" meets "Back to the Future." Buy here.Loading Spinner

What to read if you want to get out of your 'bubble'...

“Hillbilly Elegy” by JD Vance – This memoir follows JD’s life as he goes from poverty in a white working-class Rust Belt town to Yale Law School. And somehow manages to be a little funny along the way. It’s one of those books you’ll actually enjoy and still be able to impress your SO’s parents with. Buy here.Loading Spinner

What to read when you need a #tbt...

"Lilac Girls" by Martha Hall Kelly – Three women: a New York socialite, a German doctor, and a Polish teenager. Living completely different lives in different corners of the world during WWII. Until a series of twists and tuns pulls them all together. This read’s a page turner, inspired by real life. Buy here.Loading Spinner

What to read when your Netflix queue runs out...

"All Is Not Forgotten" by Wendy Walker – Imagine having the ability to erase all your painful memories. After a rape in a wealthy suburb, the teenage victim gets to do just that. Problem is, it makes it a LOT harder to catch the guy. This thriller is like “Lovely Bones” meets “SVU.” Buy here.Loading Spinner

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