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Prime Day Presents for Your Baby or Fur Baby

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Jul 15, 2019

The Story

Babies are cute. So are pets. And every day is a gift. But they do need a lot of stuff...

So much love, so little time...and budget.

We get it. So we rounded up deals to help you stock up on discounted essentials for your little loved ones. PS: there’s (lots) more coming, so bookmark this page to stay posted on the top deals. Proud parent moment starts now.

PPS: Prime Day deals don’t last all day, so act fast. (The following items were on sale at time of publish.)

For when you keep stepping on toys...

A totally adorable toy chest

now 35% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A toy chest from Three Sprouts. You can choose the animal you want on the front. Why it's smart: Easy for kids to open on their own. Pro tip: Wipe it clean with just a cloth and water.

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For when your baby's not on your back...

A backpack for baby stuff

now 44% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A backpack baby bag from Vera Bradley. Why it's smart: Small enough to be manageable, big enough to be functional. Includes a changing pad that fits in the pocket.

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For when everyone could use a good night’s rest...

A baby sleeping bag

now 57% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Your baby will sleep in this bag. Enough said.  Why it’s smart: Keeps the little one cozy without using loose blankets (that are instantly kicked off). It even has a slot for a seat belt to encourage Zzz’s on-the-go.

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For when you’re always carrying a million things…

A bigger diaper bag

now 51% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A zip-closure bag with…so many compartments. Why it’s smart: This Kipling bag has two side pockets for bottles, a stroller clop, and a changing pad inside. So it’ll get you and your little one through even the longest day. 

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For when you've got one on the way...

A convertible crib

now 20% off.Amazon

theSkimm: This Babyletto crib has four adjustable mattress positions. Why it's smart: This crib lasts well past babyhood by converting into a toddler bed when the time comes.

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For when you're up for a stroll...

A baby bjorn

now 20% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Get up close and personal with this carrier. It promotes bonding while letting you take a walk. Why it's smart: This has two safe and ergonomic carrying positions: facing in and facing out. The world is your (baby's) oyster.

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For when you're on the go...

A jogging stroller and car seat combo

now 20% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A stroller travel system from Graco that includes a stroller and a rear-facing car seat. Why it's smart: Lock front swivel wheel makes it easy to go from walking to jogging on any terrain (read: even city streets).

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For when you've got a (really) little one...

Tiny bath toys

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A pack of seven bath toys for newborns that help with motor skills. Includes one soft zebra. Why it's smart: They help your baby start to explore different textures. Bonus: phthalates and BPA-free.

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For when you’re planning baby’s first road trip…

A safety-first car seat

now 25% off.Amazon

theSkimm: This car seat from Harvest Moon has side impact protection.  Why it’s smart: It's built to grow, with different uses through three stages of your child's growth. Meaning: it'll last you longer.

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For when you need something snuggly...

Stuffed deer toy

now 65% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Adorable stuffed animal from FAO Schwartz. Destined to be your child's best friend for life. Why it's smart: This little deer is made of high-quality materials and will last through lots of hugging. Bonus: hypoallergenic.

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For when your kids are bored...

Their own work table

now 41% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A play-n-store table that opens to reveal storage space. Why it's smart: Holds bins that kids can fill with (toy) bricks. Big enough for more than one kid to play at once.

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For when you want to know what your dog is up to…

A fun dog camera

now 32% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Now you can live stream your dog’s day-to-day nap schedule. Premium content. Why it’s smart: It detects when your pup is barking and sends you a notification on your phone. Paws what you’re doing and investigate. 

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For when you're working late...

An automatic pet meal

now 29% off.Amazon

theSkimm: This WOpet automatic pet food feeder will feed your dog or cat up to four times while you're out. Why it's smart: You can program meals on the device's LED screen. You can also controls portion sizes, and leave your pet a lil message (Think: I love you, please eat).

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For when your cat gives puppy-dog eyes…

Tempting treats

now 34% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Temptationsdairy flavor treats are under two calories each and taste great (so we’ve heard). Why it’s smart: They’re crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside. Comes in a 16-ounce tub to keep things fresh. Pro tip: get more than one.

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For when your cat needs a hobby (other than staring at you and your guests)…

A tree to keep them busy

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Your cat will freak out over this Amazon Basic multi-platform tree with scratching posts. Or, you know, act cool about it. Why it’s smart: Will keep your cat from destroying the furniture. And it’s made of natural fiber that’s safe for little paws. 

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For when your dog is tired...

The perfect gift — a bed

now 35% off.Amazon

theSkimm: This stuffed circular pet bed is the perfect place to nest. Why it's smart: Good for any nervous or anxious pet who needs a place to snuggle and feel safe.

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For when your dog has more prescriptions than you…

Easy-to-eat pill pockets

now 49% off.Amazon

theSkimm: These chicken-flavored pill pockets from Greenies make medicine time easier to swallow (had to).  Why it’s smart: They mask the taste and smell of pills, so your dog gets better without hating the process.

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For when your dog has dog breath...

A healthier treat

now 51% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Greenie treats with a chewy texture that fights plaque and tartar. Why it’s smart: They freshen breath and are easy to digest. PS: there’s a lot of pet food varieties on sale today, so do some digging.

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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