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Treat Yourself to These Prime Day Beauty Deals

Prime Day Beauty Hero
Jul 15, 2019

The Story 

Not to alarm you, but Amazon brought the beauty deals this year. 

Amazon? For beauty products?

Groundbreaking. Here's your cheat-sheet for Prime Day's seemingly endless amount of hair, makeup, and skincare deals. PS: bookmark this page because we’ll be updating it all Prime Day(s).

PPS: Prime Day deals don’t last all day, so act fast. (The following items were on sale at time of publish.)

For when you want to get up close and personal with your face…

A well-lit makeup mirror

now 17% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A three-panel mirror with built-in LED lights. Hint: you can adjust them for brightness.  Why it’s smart: Foldable panels with 1x, 2x, and 3x magnification. So you can get real comfortable with those tiny eyebrow hairs.

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For when you have Monica Geller hair when the temp rises…

A humidity helmet

now 20% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Invisible spray that fights frizz and protects against humidity for 24 hours.  Why it’s smart: Uses vitamins C and A, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids to shield your mane against the (summer) elements.

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For when you need a reason to sign up for Amazon Prime…

Lady Gaga’s makeup line


theSkimm: It's a Haus party. Lady Gaga's rumored beauty line has arrived. And with it, bright lip gloss, lip liners, and liquid shimmer powders. Why it’s smart: Cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and created by Lady effin Gaga. Products won't ship until Septemeber, but Prime members can pre-order for Prime Day.

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For when you’re not sure about anti-aging products…

Trusted eye cream

now 25% off.Amazon

theSkimm: LilyAna Naturals eye cream targets the delicate skin around your eyes with vitamins C and E, aloe, and rose hip.  Why it’s smart: It’s 77% organic, gluten-free, and vegan. Oh, and almost 5,000 reviewers have given it 4.5-star reviews.

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For when shaving is not the pits…

A stroke of genius

now 33% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Braun’s first epilator (think: tweezer on steroids) removes hair as short as a grain of sand in one stroke. Because technology.  Why it’s smart: If you’re into hair removal, this epilator claims to be “virtually painless” when used regularly in the shower. Bonus: comes with a light to spot runaway hairs.

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For when you want to master a smokey eye...

Apple of your eye (brush)

now 15% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Throw shade (on your eyelids) smarter with this set of seven essential makeup brushes. Angled, pencil, and blending included.  Why it’s smart: Not all makeup brushes are created equal. These are non-shedding, durable, and cruelty-free.

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For when no gym bag is complete without makeup remover wipes…

Travel-friendly towelettes

now 42% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Cleansing cloths from Burt’s Bees that are 99.1% natural.  Why it’s smart: Uses white tea and cucumber extract to remove dirt, oil, and makeup without washing. Instead of buying them on last-minute Target runs, stock up with a three-pack you’ll actually finish.

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For when you were really into T-Swift’s ringlets…

A tool for country girl curls

now 33% off.Amazon

theSkimm: An ‘Amazon’s Choice’ curler with an extra-long barrel and thousands of 5-star reviews. Why it’s smart: The HOT TOOLS Professional curler distributes heat evenly, no matter which setting you’re on. Consider yourself warned: it heats up to 430-degrees, so watch your fingers and strands. 

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For when you want a deep clean…

FOREO-lly good cleansing brush

now 49% off.Amazon

theSkimm: A 2-minute routine that cleanses (claims to remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil) and anti-ages (flip the brush to target wrinkle-prone areas). Why it’s smart: Super soft bristles exfoliate and unclog pores without irritating your skin. Pro tip: the different colors correspond to different skin types (à la oily, sensitive, combo).

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For when your hairstylist keeps recommending products…

A cult-favorite hair potion

now 22% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Olaplex's not-a-conditioner treatment rebuilds your strands through “bond-building technology.” Translation: it un-brittles your hair.  Why it’s smart: ICYMI, this is the third step of a three-part treatment that starts in the salon. But don’t (s)tress, you don’t need No. 1 and No. 2 for it to work.

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For when more beach days are in your future…

SPF-yes sunscreen

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Supergoop! is having its moment in the sun. Now you can get their broad-spectrum sunscreen for 30% off.  Why it’s smart: A lightweight sunscreen that protects your skin without leaving it greasy. FYI, it’s a chemical sunscreen, but there’s no iffy smell. Think: minty and floral.

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For when you don’t have an endless blowout budget…

A hyped-up hairdryer

now 20% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Forget trying to perfect the round-brush-plus-blow-dryer technique. Revlon's One-Step Hot Brush does it for you.  Why it’s smart: The brush is designed for smooth locks after one (or a few) passes. Think: airflow vents for fast drying, a cool tip so you can get it close to your scalp, and tangle-free bristles.

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For when your lashes are lackluster… 

A one-coat wonder

now 35% off.Amazon

theSkimm: People compare Stila's "HUGE Extreme Lash Mascara" to Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex”...just, you know, without the flakes. Shots. fired.  Why it’s smart: It volumizes, lengthens, and curls, without parabens. Oh, and it’s ‘triple black’, very very very black.

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For when you want to invest in a better beauty routine...

A smarter way to show face

now 40% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Clarisonic’s iconic, Oprah-approved cleansing device almost half-off.  Why it’s smart: Comes with the Mia Smart brush – plus an eye massager, foundation brush, and massage head. Translation: a sh*t ton of stuff to turn your bathroom into a spa.

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For when your nails keep chipping…

A natural nail treatment

now 35% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Bye, broken nails. This OPI formula is a base coat, topcoat, and nail strengthener all in one.  Why it’s smart: Three-in-one product saves you $$$ on manicures. Plus, it gets the job done without formaldehyde (a common ingredient in nail hardeners and polishes). 

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For when you keep borrowing your friend’s hand cream…

A soft skin starter set

now 35% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Get a full size of L'Occitane’s shea butter hand cream, plus eight minis to fill the rest of your routine.  Why it’s smart: You know you need/want hand cream. But this Amazon-exclusive set lets you try out a handful of other products before you commit. Think: shower oil, more hand cream, and cleansing foam.

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For when natural beachy waves aren’t in the cards for you…

Bed Head's wavemaker

now 30% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Bed Head's weird-looking device that de-frizzes and waves your hair at the same time. Sometimes we don’t understand the things we love most.  Why it’s smart: Ceramic plates smooth hair, while the deep barrel creates waves that actually hold. Read: one reviewer said her waves were in-tact for four days.

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For when your skin is super sensitive…

Water-based makeup remover

now 34% off.Amazon

theSkimm: Bioderma's gentle cleanser removes makeup with minimal effort.  Why it’s smart: Cucumber extract helps normal, dry, and sensitive skin get clean without irritation. Pro tip: you’ll want to hold it over stubborn spots (lookin’ at you, mascara) a bit longer before wiping away.

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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