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Fall Shopping Picks to Stay Cozy this Season

When Harry Met Sally Central Park fall leaves
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Sep 20, 2018

Things are getting crispy. We don’t just mean how your skin felt all summer. It’s gonna be fall, y’all. Ahead, a healthy dose of Gilmore Girls references and our picks for treating yourself this season...

For when you can’t decide whether to call it fall or autumn…

Need someone with strong opinions. Try an interior designer. Havenly helps you style your space with one-on-one collaboration from a design pro…at prices you can actually afford.

Havenly, starting at $79, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when Richard Gilmore is your fall wardrobe inspo…

Get a sweater vest for your couch, too. A plaid throw is a must for any fall-worthy space, and this one is personalized so you can feel dapper af.

Monogram Plaid Throw, $59, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when someone asks about your relationship status heading into the holidays…

Sleeping in a starfish position, thanks. Let it all hang out on a fresh new mattress, because (whether you were sleeping alone or not) it’s been one. hot. summer. Meaning, your current mattress is probably 90% sweat. Upgrade with up to 5 layers of support, because you don’t need no SO.

Casper, price varies, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when you have 100 fall weddings to attend…

RSVP to an at-home spa. A humidifier is a game-changer when it comes to saving you, your skin, and your lungs after an exhausting trip. This one releases hot and cool mist. Plus, it’s got a “whisper-quiet performance” so your ears can get some rest, too.

Ultrasonic Humidifier, $108, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when your friend has a new SO for cuffing season...

Time to get the dirt. The Sill will get you some literal dirt. They deliver potted plants right to your door, along with care instructions and direct access to plant whisperers who can answer questions that leaf you stumped. Psst…we recommend the Bird's Nest Fern because it can handle low-light and is pet-friendly/non-toxic.

The Sill, starting at $5, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when the forecast calls for TV time…

Stay in with your Philo app. For just $16 a month, you can watch over 40 channels…which means you’re booked eight days a week watching Lifetime movies. Sorry, not sorry.

Philo, $16/month, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when you want to achieve a Stars Hollow level of cozy…

Where you lead, I will the couch. Burrow has you covered, whether you’re looking for a sofa big enough to hibernate on, or a comfy chair to get your fall reads in.

Burrow, price varies, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when you need a leaf blower to find things on your vanity...

Rake it up. Keep your jewelry organized in a mini armoire. This one’s lined with super soft cloth to prevent tarnish, has built-in LED lights, and even little pillows for your watches. PS: you can remove the stand and mount it on your wall to save space.

Mini Jewelry Armoire, $80, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when your fall sweaters are stuffed in a corner of your closet...

Almost enough to make you into a basket case. As in, these baskets are perfect for storing everything in your closet. Plus, they come with a chalkboard labels so you know what’s in ‘em.

Oval Basket, $25, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when that apple pie has you using a spiralizer for the first time ever...

Look ma, no hands. You don’t need them to throw the scraps out either. With a wave of your cinnamon-slathered hand, the lid on this trash can opens right up. PS: it comes in six different colors. We like the rose gold.

Simplehuman Sensor Can, $150, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when one leaf turns red…

Ch-ch-ch-changes. That goes for your same ole’ fall fragrance, too. Switch things up with another earthy scent. Try this fig room spray when you want a break from that pumpkin candle.

Fig Tree Room Spray, $68, get it here. Loading Spinner

For when fall weather is unpredictable…

There’s a 30% chance it’s already raining. Nest helps you control temps in your house no matter what’s going on outside. The thermostat lets you manage the temperature and track energy usage from your phone. It can also save you some money on your heating and cooling bills.

Nest Thermostat, $249, get it here. Loading Spinner

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