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18 Father’s Day Gifts for Any Dad With a Hobby

the best father's day gifts for dads with different hobbies
Design: Lindsay Lange, Credit: Etsy
Jun 1, 2021

When you think about the dad in your life, you may think of bad jokes and an iron grip on the thermostat. Or maybe the outdoors comes to mind. Or a true passion for cooking. Or someone who loves a good mystery novel.

This Father’s Day, we wanna help you show some love and appreciation to all the dads and father figures in your life. So we rounded up gifts that he’ll love, no matter his favorite pastime. New Balance sneakers not included (sorry, not sorry). 

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A compact cold-brew maker that’ll do the work for him…

So he doesn’t need to leave the house every morning for his daily cup. This one can make up to a week’s worth of brew overnight. All he has to do is add his ground beans and water. He can leave it out on the counter, or in the fridge for up to 24 hours. When he’s ready for a cup, he can drain the brewer into the carafe. The cork stopper will keep the drink fresh for the rest of the week. ($29.99, Amazon)

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A cigar pack that includes a cutter, pack of matches, and review journal…

He’ll be able to enjoy cigars from Nicaragua, Ecuador, Brazil, and Cameroon. And with flavors of cinnamon, pecan, milk chocolate, and coffee, he’ll never get bored. His afternoon relaxation hour just got a bit better. ($55, Bespoke Post)

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A multi-tool if he’s the type that loves to DIY…

With 18 tools included (yep, you read that right), he’ll be able to tackle home projects like a pro. The gadget can become pliers, a wire stripper, a saw, a ruler, and so much more. It’ll open to uncover new features, with many of the tools still available while the multi-tool is folded. ($99.95, Leatherman)

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A smart garden so he can grow his own basil and thyme…

Cooking without herbs and spices? He’s watched too much “Top Chef” for that. This indoor garden cares for itself, so he really won’t need to pay too much attention to it. The biodegradable plant pods have seeds and nutrients inside. All he’ll have to do is click the pods in, add water, and plug the garden in. From there, water and light is administered automatically. No big dill. ($99.95, Click & Grow)

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A pressure putting trainer so he can practice his short game...

Perfect putts land right in the hole, but all other putts that are too strong return back to him at the same distance the ball would have rolled when he missed. So he’ll get a better idea of how forceful or gentle he should be. It’ll help him with alignment and position too. ($29.95+, The Grommet)

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And a golf club cleaner so he’s always ready for his next shot…

It can remove built-up dirt and grass, and houses a scrub pad, a towel, brass groove cleaners, a spray bottle, and more. It’s also pretty compact so he can carry it in his bag while he’s out for the day. ($29.95, The Grommet)

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And a five-in-one spatula that’ll get the job done…

Get ready for this — it’s a fork, has a serrated and knife edge, and (drumroll, please) is also a bottle opener. So he can flip burgers, move sausages, and cut veggies all with the same tool. Dinner is served. ($24.95, The Grommet)

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A cocktail box that comes with snacks…

If he loves the idea of being a mixologist...this box is for him. It’s got cocktail cherries, whiskey stones, Old Fashioned sugar cubes and a mixer, spicy cheese biscuits, and moonshine pecans. Aka everything he needs for a delish happy hour. Cheers. ($112, Sparrow Box Co.)

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A hydrating beard oil for his time spent dedicated to self-care...

No sandpaper here. The mix of argan oil and jojoba oil tames stray hairs, minimizes frizz and dandruff, improves texture, and can reduce itching. It’s simple: looking his best can make him feel his best. And we love that for him. ($9.88, Walmart)

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A headlamp for the dad in your life who loves to camp…

Ah, the great outdoors. Now he can fully navigate it even in the dark. With this rechargeable headlamp, he’ll get up to 40 hours of light. It even has red night vision and a dimmable option. Prepare for some (unavoidable) bug bites. ($59.95, REI)

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Baseball-themed whiskey glasses if he’s a hardcore MLB lover…

Choose his team and get ready for a round of ‘ooohs’ when he opens the box. The glasses will come printed with his team’s stadium map, in the team’s two home colors. The bottom of the glasses showcase the team’s logo. Play ball. ($35/set of 2, Uncommon Goods)

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A shiitake mushroom-growing log he’ll geek out on…

It’s like a science experiment, but better. All he’s gotta do is soak the log and keep it in a cool, damp place. The organic shiitake spores inside the log will sprout, making for one fun project to watch grow. The best part? It’s a gift that keeps on giving. He’ll be able to re-soak and harvest the log every six weeks or so for up to three years. Score. ($30, Uncommon Goods)

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A fly fishing subscription box so he can hit the water…

He’ll get monthly shipments of supply drops so he’ll always be prepared for his next trip. The box includes trout flies, stillwater flies, and saltwater flies. Each shipment also includes some mystery goodies like stickers and candy. ($29/month, Cratejoy)

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An Avengers-themed T-shirt for the comic obsessed…

He’s probably read every book and seen every movie...which is exactly why he needs this shirt. Because dads are strong and real-life superheroes. ($21.99+, Peter Alps Shops on Etsy)

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An olive oil and vinegar kit for your fave foodie…

Awake and Alive are Brightland’s best-selling olive oils, made from heirloom California olives. Parasol and Rapture are vinegars made from fruits, including chardonnay grapes, Navel and Valencia oranges, zinfandel grapes, and Triple Crown blackberries. So he can use ‘em on salads, in soups, over pasta, and as marinades. Really the list of possibilities is endless. ($70, Brightland)

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A Kindle Paperwhite that’s waterproof with a glare-free screen…

So he can read anything, anywhere. A single charge can last up to a few weeks, and with twice the storage, he can download more magazines, audiobooks, and reads. It also includes Audible, so he can pair the Kindle with his headphones via Bluetooth. The screen brightness is adjustable, aka it’s easy to read comfortably at night and outdoors. He can also adjust text size and boldness, and thanks to the massive selection of new and old releases, he’ll never be bored. ($129+, Amazon)

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A drawing set that includes 52 pieces…

Hello, Picasso. This set has 18 graphite pencils, three charcoal pencils, four pastel pencils, three blending stumps, three charcoal sticks, two sharpeners, two pads, and lots more. It’s literally everything he could ever need to get sketching. So whether he’s a beginner or pretty experienced, he’ll be able to get all his ideas down on paper. ($24.99, Amazon)

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A Fitbit activity tracker to help him reach his fitness goals…

It’ll track steps, calories burned, heart rate, miles, and active minutes. The GPS tracker can chart his outdoor runs, and it’s water-resistant for laps in the pool (or when he hops in the shower). It can also keep track of his sleep so he can finally get on top of his snooze schedule. With a single charge it’ll last a week. Ready, set, go. ($99.95, Amazon)

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