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16 Father's Day Gifts for Any Dad Who’s Passionate About Their Hobby

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Jun 2, 2022

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Is your dad always out back grilling burgers and steaks to perfection? Maybe he’s a coffee snob, or won’t rest until he gets his steps in for the day. Dads come in all shapes and sizes, with a wide variety of hobbies aside from finely crafting the best dad joke he can think of.

This Father’s Day, we wanna celebrate their passions. So we’ve found everything from spices and sauces for his next cookoff to gadgets that’ll show him you pay attention to his long technical talks. Let’s get gifting.

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A lemon tree he can grow anywhere…

Cultivated on a farm in Florida, this little Meyer lemon tree will be just as happy sitting on a windowsill as it will be in the backyard, as long as it’s getting about six hours of sunlight per day. Once the tree blooms — your mom will love the fragrant white flowers — he’ll have fresh lemons for drinks, sauces, and desserts. Bonus: He’ll only have to worry about watering it once a week or whenever the top layer of soil has dried out. ($65, Uncommon Goods)

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A crossword puzzle that’s personalized just for him…

Put his name at the top and customize up to six clues about his life that will be highlighted and integrated into the puzzle. Where did he and your mom meet? What was his first concert? Take him down memory lane as he solves his very own crossword. Plus it comes with a smaller worksheet version, so he can make sure he has the right answers before marking up the one that’ll be displayed. ($50+, Uncommon Goods)

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A kit to help him grow shiitake mushrooms at home…

If he loves the flavor of shiitake mushrooms and gets particularly excited over a small scientific experiment, then he’ll love this log made from fallen trees and pre-planted with organic spores. All he has to do is soak the wood and keep it in a damp, cool place (read: garage). He’ll be in shiitake heaven in about six weeks, and you’ll be looking for a dinner invite. ($30, Uncommon Goods)

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A monthly subscription that lets him try beers from all 50 states…

Do you have a love of craft beer on your hands? You’ll know ’cause he walks  around mumbling about microbrews and octanes. This Father’s Day, gift him a subscription that’ll feature two breweries from two different regions of the country each month. He’ll get to try four styles of beer, which ends up being 12 bottles per month he can enjoy with you. He’ll also get to learn about the breweries, their backstory, and what food will pair best with each type of drink. ($46.75/month, Craft Beer Club)

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CBD gummies to keep him focused…

Whether he’s an experienced CBD-enthusiast or he’s looking to dip his toes, these gummies are a great way to explore the world of CBD. They’re all-natural and come in two strengths, 10 or 20 milligrams per gummy, so he can control dosing as he sees fit. The CBD is combined with B12 for focus and clarity. We’ve tried these and can confirm they’re great for calming anxious feelings, while also promoting productivity. No head cloudiness here. ($29+, Highline Wellness)

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A wireless thermometer so he can keep his title as Grillmaster…

Shhh…we won’t tell anyone that the secret to his delicious medium-rare steaks is actually this thermometer. It has two different sensors that monitor both the internal and external temperatures of the meat. Everything will be displayed on the compatible phone app, so he can even set alarms to notify him when the temperature hits a certain degree. If he’s busy entertaining guests, he can set an alarm to ensure the meat can rest for a proper amount of time before serving. Customers love that even when they walk back into the house, their phone will still let them know when the food is ready. ($99.95, Amazon)

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A portable golf club cleaner for when he hits the links…

He can clip this to his golf bag and in between holes (or even shots if he’s a true pro), he’ll have everything he needs to remove dirt and grass buildup from his club. It has a refillable spray bottle, a scrub pad that won’t scratch the metal, a brass brush, and a towel. Customers love that it didn’t add any unnecessary weight to their bags, which is great if he’s playing without a cart. ($29.95, Grommet)

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A variety of seasonings from Spicewalla to make grilling more interesting…

He’ll get six different dry rubs, from mustard and tarragon to cracked coriander and pepper to honey and herb. Each rub is made without artificial flavors or GMOs, and is small-batch tested for quality. Plus, the founder is a James Beard-nominated chef, so you know the ingredients will be pristine. Customers like that the spices are contained within mini bags inside each metal tin for continuing freshness. ($34.99, Amazon)

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A carbon steel wok that can take the heat…

This baby is heat-safe up to 660 degrees, so no matter how much stir-frying or deep-frying he wants to do, it’ll hold up year after year. It’s preseasoned and even comes with a tempura rack and tempered glass lid. Plus, the stainless steel handle is nonslip, so he won’t be spilling any piping-hot oil on the stove. Customers say it’s much lighter than traditional cast iron pans. ($99, Food52)

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A stainless steel water bottle to keep him hydrated on the go…

This 18-ounce bottle is made with triple-walled stainless steel that’ll keep his water cold for up to 24 hours, whether he’s hiking in the desert or just chilling by the pool. It’s also silicone- and BPA-free, with an all-natural bamboo bottom that keeps the bottle from sweating. It comes in ten different colors, so you should easily be able to find one that suits him. ($33+, Amazon)

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A gift set to get him ready for summer barbecuing…

This set includes a jar of spices, a bold extra-virgin olive oil specifically made for grilling, and a balsamic vinegar that’s laced with ripe blackberries. Is your mouth watering yet? It also comes with bronze grilling tongs and a recipe book, so your dad will have everything he needs (aside from the meat and veggies) to do summer barbecuing right. Bonus: The olive oil is also meant to be enjoyed with bread. Chef’s kiss. ($85, Brightland)

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A packing cube if he has the travel bug…

We truly can’t emphasize enough the positives of a packing cube. If he likes to stay organized, this one is double-sided, so he can separate clothes by outfit, or simply keep his wrinkle-prone items away from the rest of his suitcase. TUMI is known to make great travel items, so the nylon will be durable. Bon voyage. ($85, Bloomingdale's)

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A fire starter for dads who have an emotional connection to their fire pit…

If there’s one thing we know about dads, they love a good fire. Specifically, in a pit. These fire starters will help him get the blaze going with ease every single time since they’re made of wood and steorin. They’re nontoxic and come in eco-friendly packaging. Plus, they’ll even start in bad weather, so if he’s camping, wind and rain won’t keep him from having a campfire. Customers say they even use these to start a charcoal grill. ($23.99+/60 pieces, Amazon)

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A Fitbit so he always knows how many steps he’s taking…

Whether he’s a gym rat or just getting into a daily walking routine, this tracker will help him reach his fitness goals. It’ll show him how many steps he’s taking per day, how well he’s sleeping, and his heart rate. Believe the hype — we’ve been loyal Fitbit users for years now and love how easy it is to track metrics. Customers say the screen is easy to read, even in the brightest sunlight. PS: Set-up should only take a few minutes. ($129.99, HSN)

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A Chemex glass coffee maker for the perfect pour-over…

Coffee snobs agree, the pour-over is a work of art. Help him start his morning off right with this Chemex made out of high-quality glass that won’t retain odors or trap grounds. If he has some left over, he can store it in the fridge for an iced coffee later on in the day. Customers say it’s really hard to mess up the process, even if he’s a novice. Delicious coffee awaits him. ($49.94, Amazon)

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A turntable sure to impress even the most intense audiophiles…

If you’ve noticed he’s a record collector but has no way of playing them, this Audio-Technica turntable will satisfy all his needs without sacrificing amazing sound. It can connect via Bluetooth to his wireless speakers, and has two listening speeds. It also comes in a stylish red that’ll look great in his office or in an entertainment center. ($199, Amazon)

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