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9 Inflatable Pool Options (and Alternatives) to Keep You Cool All Summer Long

Inflatable Pool Options For Summer amazon
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Jul 1, 2022

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When it’s hot out and only getting hotter, you might be doing summer wrong if you don’t have an inflatable pool or something else to splash around in at the ready. We’ve rounded up our favorite backyard and patio accessories to help you beat the heat. From kiddie pools for the little ones to splash mats for the pups, and even bigger PVC options for the adults. (And check out some other essentials to upgrade your outdoor space here.) Buh-bye, summer sweats. 

A collapsible dog and kiddie pool… 

Perfect for toting around during the summer months. This one needs no inflating or serious setup — just unfold and fill it. It comes in five different sizes, great for baby play dates or your pups, with the biggest one measuring 63 inches across and 12 inches deep. It’s made from thick vinyl that’s hard to puncture and has two drain caps. If you’re thinking of making this a staple in your backyard, snag this pool cover to keep the water clean. ($27.99+, Amazon)

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An inflatable pool with a blow-up bench… 

The grown-ups will love lounging in this one during the summer, drinks in hand. It’s got a comfy bench seat with a supported back and a pool that’s just deep enough for the little ones to enjoy too. Customers rave about the space — big enough for a couple of adults to hang out while keeping a close eye on the kids. It comes in two packages — one with a pump and one without. ($54.06, Amazon

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A kiddie pool perfect for toddlers who wanna splash around…

It inflates within three to four minutes if you’re using an electric pump. There's a 7-inch wading pool with an inflatable frog on one of the sides. As water blasts from its mouth, small streams will shoot up along the rim of the pool. The kids will love having water coming at them from all sides. Plus, it comes in two different sizes — one small and one large — perfect for two or more. ($19.97+, Amazon)

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A wading pool and splash pad fit for babies and pups… 

Think of it like an outdoor play mat that shoots water. It comes in different patterns decorated with alphabet letters and cute animals, a map of the world, balloons, and even the solar system that’ll keep ‘em busy long after the water fun dies off. The shallow pool minimizes dangers, and the rim of shooting streams will have their whole bodies feeling cool. Splish splash. ($24.96+, Amazon)

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An inflatable play center with two pools in one… 

And it’s fruit-themed — can’t get any cuter than that. This one’s got two separate pools and a watermelon-design slide. Plus, the tiny pool connecting the slide has sprinklers that shoot water into the air. Recommended for ages 2 and up, the pool also has adorable orange- and pineapple-shaped back supports, plus six balls to play with. ($48.39, Amazon)

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An outdoor misting fan for the hottest days… 

Since it can reduce the surrounding temp by 25 degrees — yeah, you heard us right. If you’ve got somewhere to plug it in, you can take it to the park or on your next camping trip. And if you don’t, set it up on your patio or in the backyard. It’s got three speed settings and a 90-degree tilt, and its plastic is resistant to UV rays. Enjoying drinks on a hot summer day just got a whole lot better. ($149.69, Amazon)

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A misting system for a DIY water park… 

String the hose across your backyard patio, through your bushes, or angle it on the ground when you need a cooling mist on the hottest summer days. You’ll get 26 feet of flexible, sunlight-resistant PVC hosing to play with. Plus, it has brass misting nozzles, a brass hose, and a faucet-connecting adapter to get you going without a hitch. ($26.99, Amazon)

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An easy-to-install trampoline sprinkler… 

It’ll turn your kid’s fave toy into an at-home water ride. The sprinkler system will reduce the temp in the trampoline by up to 25 degrees, and is such a quick setup. It ties to any trampoline shell and connects directly to the net — it’s mounted outside of the net to reduce any accidents while jumping. Plus, there are two water flow settings so you’ll be able to control the pressure of the water being sprayed. We also love the water whorl option that shoots out a spinning ring of water. Unhinge it from the net when the kids are done jumping and set it on the ground for double the fun. ($12.99+, Amazon)

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A plastic kiddie pool big enough for a playdate… 

With two molded seats for your little one and their friend. The play and shade pool comes with its own little attachable umbrella so the kids won’t be stuck in the sun, three clip-on cups, and a tiny water wheel to keep ’em entertained. Psst…when summer’s over, empty out the water and fill it with sensory items like rocks or sand for them to dig through for fun throughout the year. ($113.99, Amazon

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