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Skimm'rs Favorite Holiday Gifts of the Season (So Far)

Bestselling holiday gifts
Design: theSkimm | Photo: SolaWave, Amazon
Nov 29, 2022

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Merry everything and happy holiday shopping season. If you haven’t checked out all our gift guides at The Shoppes at Skimm Ave., take this as your tinsel-filled cue to do so. We’ve been hard at work curating the best stuff on the market for your friends and fam — from presents that look more expensive than they actually are to stuff for your friend who truly has everything. And we’ve got white elephant gifts and stocking stuffers galore too.

Below, we pulled together a list of the most popular items from our holiday guides…so far. So whether you’re looking to treat yourself or still need some last-minute ideas for your loved ones, check out these Skimm’r-approved items. Your gifting game? It’s strong.

A wine chiller to match their beloved water bottle…

This good-looking container by S’well will keep their favorite wine cool without any worries about condensation, due to its vacuum insulation and copper layer. If they really love it, they can even get an ice bucket, carafe, and wineglasses to match. One super-chic bar cart, coming right up. ($38.41+, Amazon)

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Vintage-inspired food ornaments…

Yes, technically these are Christmas tree ornaments, but they’re so cute and detailed that we’d just hang them up around the house any time of year. There’s a delightfully huge selection (from black-and-white cookies and bagels to poke bowls), to the point that you’ll probably want to buy yourself one, too. ($16+, Food52)

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A bomber jacket to pair with their athleisure ’fits…

It’s lightweight, breathable, packable, and looks more sleek and put-together than their favorite hoodie. We’d even rock it with jeans for a casual day at the office. Plus, it has a little stretch so it’ll be comfortable as they move from a workout class to running errands. ($44.99, Athleta)

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A truffle hot sauce that's so decadent…

Truff hot sauce has a cult-like following for a reason. The artisanal, spicy star also comes in a white version. Much like the classic version, this one is also made with white truffle and organic coriander. And if you’re worried about giving hot sauce as a gift, don’t be — this one comes in its own gold and white box. Delicious and chic. Psst…use code THESKIMM15 at checkout for 15% off. ($34.99, Truff)

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Corkscrew earrings that add a delicate touch of bling…

They’re like a lil’ party for their ears. These dainty threader earrings are made in the USA with 14K-gold-filled wire. They can be dressed up or down and are easy to slip in and out for daily use. If yellow gold isn’t their thing, they also come in silver and rose gold. ($16.99+, hoopsbyhand via Etsy)

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Pain patches for post-exercise soreness that really work…

Whether they spin, hike, or swim, these pain-relieving patches from The Good Patch can relieve their minor aches and pains for up to 12 hours. Made with lavender, and menthol, they provide long-lasting, actual relief. (You can read our full review of ’em here). ($12/4 pack, The Good Patch)

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A deck of affirmation cards to start their day on the right foot…

This deck of 30 fun affirmations is chock-full of quirky words of wisdom that’ll add some positivity and motivation into their day. Phrases include things like “I hear the drama. I see the drama. I fire up my jet pack and blast away from the drama.” Good morning, indeed. ($11.75, Amazon)

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A personalized crayon set for the kiddos in the family…

If you have lots of nephews and nieces or cousins to buy for and not a ton of time, here’s the perfect solution. These adorable personalized crayon sets make it easy to give something special — sans all the drama or fussiness that can come with customized presents. Grab a stack of coloring books, and you’ve got entertainment to last through all the long holiday dinners. ($5+, KagesKrayons via Etsy)

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A sentimental shared journal for couples or friends…

Each page features a prompt and enough blank space for two people to craft a short response. Prompts range from the more abstract (“When I first heard your name, I thought you might be…”) to the more concrete (“What made me feel loved today…”). They’re all meant to inspire a moment of reflection and some deeper conversation. Aw. ($11.66, Amazon)

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A blanket scarf that’s lightweight enough to bring anywhere…

Scarves? For the holidays? Groundbreaking. But the reality is everyone could appreciate an extra. Whether their one from last season is ratty or they just want to throw one in their bag or leave at their desk. This plaid, oversized scarf comes in a dozen colorways and is crafted from a super-soft acrylic — and it’ll go with everything. ($14.99+, Amazon)

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A highly rated red-light wand that’ll transform their skin…

For the wellness lover in your life, this SolaWave Skincare Wand — which uses four different technologies, including microcurrent vibrations and red-light therapy — will become their new best friend. It's designed to help reduce redness, acne, and discoloration, as well as target fine lines when used at least five minutes per day, three days a week. (Read our full review of the device here.) The head swivels from a T-shape to an elongated bar, so you can customize the experience for different parts of the face. And its price tag is just about the same as one traditional facial. Score. Psst…use code WAVE22 at checkout for 20% off sitewide. ($149, Solawave)

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A planner they can use next year — or the year after…

This one is perfect if your giftee is not exactly the conventional “planner” type but might still enjoy a place to jot things down and keep track of upcoming events. The “undated” calendar book (it does technically have dates, just not a year or the corresponding days of the week) can be used for any year. Its cloth-bound design has some vintage flair, and quirky prompts and trivia sections throughout add a lil’ fun too. And for more great holiday gifts from Amazon, check out our storefront. ($18, Amazon)

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A peppermint essential oil roller that’ll provide some sweet relief…

It can help stop the beginnings of a headache in its track when applied to the back of the ears and neck. A sniff of the pocket-sized roller, made with therapeutic-grade peppermint oil, can also aid them with easing congestion and quelling nausea. Because of the menthol, the oil can help relax muscles and decrease pain. So they can get back to enjoying their day. Psst…it comes in other scents, like lavender and tea tree, too. ($11.99, Amazon)

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A delicate necklace that’s pretty and personal…

Everyone loves opening a gift box only to find a beautiful piece of jewelry. But this isn’t any ordinary necklace. It’s a layering piece that can hold up to four names of your choosing with three different metal options. Now they can keep their kids, their partner, even their pet (we’re not here to judge) close to their heart. ($22.40+, GlamourJewelryHouse via Etsy)

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A white noise machine to help them sleep…

This highly portable white noise machine can join them everywhere — around the home, in hotels, even in the car if they’re stuck in the passenger seat for a long trip. With either 18 or 36 sound options and rechargeable batteries, it’s both practical and super convenient. It’s also available as a version for babies if they’ve got a little one at home who needs some help in the Zzz’s department too. ($17.99+, Amazon)

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A cozy place to lay their head…

New pillows are a little luxury in themselves. But this isn’t just any old pillow. Its cushioning and ergonomic design make it incredibly comfortable, and the included pillowcase is designed to help keep skin fresh and hair less frizzy. Sweet dreams to them. (Psst…check out more of our fave pillow recs here.) ($85, Cushion Lab)

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A work setup that’s couch-friendly…

After almost three years of WFH, perhaps they still haven’t graduated from the couch to a desk. If so, it’s time for you to embrace the new them too. This portable desk made from bamboo has a little drawer and a tilting stand perfect for computers or books. And when it’s time to take a break, they can also use it to eat lunch. ($39.99+, Amazon)

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A koozie that’s ready for any kind of weather…

It’s hard not to smile when you first see one of these. They’re just that cute. But they’re also the coziest koozies we’ve ever seen. Unless you count these beer flannels or beer sleeping bags from the same artist. Drink up. ($13/each, Uncommon Goods)

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A book that’ll give them a lesson in grazing boards 101…

Help them build the Instagrammable serving board of their dreams. This book has recipes plus advice on ingredients and pairings (not to mention enough beautiful photos that it’ll look good on a coffee table). Butter boards who? ($17.39, Amazon)

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A silicone mat to keep makeup brushes clean…

It’s the beauty tool your friend never knew they needed. Just run brushes over the ridges on the 4-inch mat to remove caked-on makeup. Each section has a different design with varying textures for different types of brushes. Plus, a suction cup backing keeps the mat firmly in place. Helloooo, bristles that’ve been hiding under all that powder. ($6.99, Amazon)

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Cocktail-inspired ice cubes…

Get a fun mixology-adjacent gift without having to spend the extra money for liquor. These freezable sets are designed to go with specific spirits like gin, rum or tequila, and come in pretty giftable boxes. All your giftee has to do is shake ‘em up with their spirit of choice — or let ‘em dissolve slowly for a cool drink on the rocks. Cheers. ($20, Uncommon Goods)

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A coloring book we swear by…

Anyone who appreciates a well-placed curse word will get a kick out of this swear-word-themed adult coloring book. Throw in a set of crayons or colored pencils…and maybe some wine or chocolate for a complete self-care package. 10/10 recommend. ($9.69, Amazon)

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A travel jewelry case that comes in a rainbow of colors…

No more throwing bracelets in the bottom of their bag. This monogrammable travel jewelry case includes compartments for up to five rings and necklaces, and is lightweight enough to bring anywhere. Note — if you happen to have a wedding coming up, these would make great bridal party gifts. And if you wanna get into details, there's multiple styles, fonts, and colors to choose from. Psst…use code SKIMM at checkout for 10% off. ($19.99, Sprinkled With Pink)

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A meme-themed game to play IRL…

You spent the pandemic finding the best memes online…now you can have fun with them in person. In this game (for ages 17+), players match caption cards to meme-worthy photos. Perfect for three or more players — so you can all dive right in after you open every gift. Laughs, incoming. ($20.97, Amazon)

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A create-your-own reel viewer that’s like a walk down memory lane…

Nostalgia is knocking. And now you and the fam can play with a fave childhood toy that’s filled with photos you’ve chosen yourself. One viewer comes with seven photos. For those who have a hard time narrowing down their most-wanted snaps, you can purchase additional reels too. ($16.95+, Uncommon Goods)

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