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The Best Portable Power Banks

May 31, 2018

You need to stay juiced. Green juice need not apply. Talking your phone. Because 1% battery is not a good look. Here are our favorite portable chargers to make sure you batt doesn’t dip it low. We compared them to snacks because ‘green juice’ made us want one. Here are our favorite portable power banks...

For the person with shallow pockets...

This one will work. Literally and figuratively. The iQunix mini charger is cheap and tiny so you can fit it in your pocket. It has a slim design so it’ll even work in your front pocket. From the front to the back, let’s go.

theSkimm: Meet the granola bar of chargers. It’s the most portable and cheapest of the crew, but won’t charge your phone for as long as some of the others.Loading Spinner

For the person with too much sh*t in her purse…

No need to add another thing. The Trianium phone case doubles as a charger, so you never go without it. It’s bulky compared to your typical phone case but that’s because it’s basically a jet pack.

theSkimm: Meet the Lunchables of chargers. If you prefer something that has the 2-in-1 thing down, this ones for you.Loading Spinner

For the person who likes to multitask…

You can have your cake and eat it too. Or in this case, charge your iPhone and charge your computer and Kindle too. The Jackery bolt lets you charge three devices at once. Look at you go.

theSkimm: Meet the fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt of chargers. Just when you think all its surprises are easily throws you some more sugar (aka another charging port).Loading Spinner

For the person who’s always running low…Keep your head (and battery) up.

The Anker Powercore can charge your phone fast and last for a long time. It’s bigger than some of the other options so it’s more for a long weekend trip vs. a night out.

theSkimm: Meet the avocado of chargers. It’ll give your phone a lot of energy in a short amount of time. But you might not want to bring it in a tiny purse.Loading Spinner

For the person who dresses to impress…

The Xiamo Mi Power Bank Pro (say that five times fast) is good looking. It’s one of the slimmer ones out there, is in a sleek case, and it will charge pretty fast too.

theSkimm: Meet the chocolate covered almonds of chargers. They look sort of fancy but really they’re just necessary to keep your energy up. We swear we need one more handful.Loading Spinner

For the person who loses things easily…

Brighten up. The RAVPower charger is nice and bright so you’ll be able to spot it in your bag. And maybe won’t lose it. It also has a light-up display that shows how much power you have left.

theSkimm: Meet the Sour Patch Kids of chargers. If you prefer your chargers to be colorful and kinda fun, this one’s for you.Loading Spinner

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