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Press Pause: Cleaning Hacks, Rom-Coms, and More

Bettina Strauss/Netflix, Verloop
Feb 8, 2021

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1… 

1. 11 new and buzzy books to put on your wish list. 

If reading + chill is your kind of love language, here are the books you’ll want on your nightstand. Fingers crossed Cupid comes through. 

2. 8 nerdy but brilliant cleaning tips from scientists.

You know how they say baking is just like science? Well so is cleaning. Here’s how to channel your inner Bill Nye.

3. Gifts you absolutely deserve to buy for yourself.

February 14th isn’t just a day dedicated to couples. So practice some self-love with a plush robe, bathtub caddy, and more. (ICYMI from last week: we’ve also got gifts for your partner, and for your BFFs.) 

4. Where to watch all the Golden Globe-nominated movies.

T minus a few weeks until The Big Event. Better start streaming now

5. Things to buy this February that give back to great causes.

Like a shirt inspired by Diana Ross, a DIY bracelet kit, and a hand-woven raffia basket. Did we mention proceeds benefit BIPOC communities and organizations like the NAACP and ACLU? ‘Cause they do.

6. 7 signs your metabolism is off its game. 

An article from this wellness brand breaks down the symptoms of a slowing metabolism and some things that can help speed yours up. Like their Metabolism Super Powder. PS: Skimm’rs get 20% off. Get you some of that.*

7. Movie recs for when you’ve got “Love on the Brain.”

Here are some rom-coms to swoon over. Awwww. 

8. 15 unique finds from Black-owned Etsy shops.

This list has a chic bandana, a notepad just for groceries, and a French vanilla body wash. Btw, these shops are all run by women entrepreneurs. Check ‘em out. 

9. A little something to help you celebrate V-Day. 

Dame’s Kip vibrator is about the size of a stick of butter. It’s easy to hold from lots of angles, and gets riiight where you need it. Oh, and Skimm’rs get 15% off.*

10. 25+ easy winter meals for when you’re really not in the mood to cook. 

We just took a DNA test, turns out we’re 100% lazy when it comes to making dinner this time of year. Here’s what to whip up if you can relate. 

11. Super comfy shoes you’ll wear everywhere. 

These 2020 Skimm Faves are still on our minds...and back in stock after having a 20k waitlist. They’re cute af, sustainably-made, and slip right on. PS: Skimm’rs get 15% off for a limited time. Grab ‘em while you can.*

12. 8 podcasts to learn more about Black history.

There’s one about parents fighting for equity in a Brooklyn school system, one hosted by celebs like Keegan-Michael Key and Roxane Gay, and more. Listen, learn, reflect. Repeat.

13. 15 excellent recipes to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

ICYMI: it’s about to be the Year of the Ox. Act (and eat) accordingly. 

14. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy:

This date-night game, this super puffy case for your glasses, and these succulent socks.

*This denotes a sponsored post.

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