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Press Pause: Hacks For Cooking Faster, Reality TV Recs, and More

Press Pause with theSkimm
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Nov 9, 2020

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1… 

1. What you need to make holiday travel safer and easier.

For those who are flying, driving, or hosting a visitor. Here’s a UV sanitizer for your belongings, a trash can for your car, and a tool that'll touch surfaces for you. Prep your mask.

2. 27 Trader Joe's frozen foods you should always have on hand.

Because in 2020, you never know when you’ll urgently need a dumpling or gorgonzola gnocchi.

3. The best reality shows of all time.

Yes you’re currently watching “the most dramatic season” of "The Bachelorette." But just in case that’s not enough drama for you…may we recommend “The Hills,” “My Super Sweet 16,” and the rest of this list.

4. 15 things that’ll prep you for Thanksgiving dinner.

Whether you’re cooking, hosting, or attending, you might want a meat thermometer, a handy wine carrier, or some festive maple leaf plates. Our eating pants are ready. 

5. 20 incredible bedroom makeovers. 

Because we know we’re not the only ones scrolling through pics of perfect apartments at night. Sweet (apartment) dreams. 

6. A wine subscription made just for you. 

Just take this company’s quiz and you’ll get six expertly chosen, award-winning bottles of wine shipped to your door. Even better? If you don’t like what you drink, they’ll credit you the cost of the bottle. And Skimm’rs get a special offer. Nothing to wine about.*

7. 9 easy, relaxing art projects.

Not to be dramatic or anything...but we’re pretty sure playdough is the greatest creation of all time. 

8. Three new books to add to your coffee table.

We love “Dessert Person” for when you need some stress-baking ideas, “Accidentally Wes Anderson” for when you want some aesthetically pleasing travel photos, and “Make Life Beautiful” for when you get the urge to HGTV-ify all your spaces. Enjoy.

9. Sustainable sneakers worth waiting for. 

Like, “had a 16k person waitlist” worth waiting for. These vegan best-selling ones are sustainably made from bamboo, lightweight, extremely comfy, and finally back in stock. Psst...Skimm’rs get 15% off for a limited time. Grab them before they sell out again.*

10. 8 ways to seriously hydrate your skin.

You probably forgot to drink water last week. Sigh. Here are seven other ways to get your skin back to glowing status

11. A smarter, eco-friendly way to clean. 

You’ve DIYed it all this year. Now it’s time to make your own disinfectant. All you need is this appliance, salt, water, and vinegar to kill 99.9% of germs. And you can reuse the bottles the next time. Skimm’rs get 25% off starter kits. Mess=gone.*

12. Movie podcasts to add to your queue. 

This list has pods for when you want to feel like a Hollywood insider, or for when you’re obsessed with movie lists and rankings. Lights, camera, download. 

13. The 10 best stress-relieving exercises. 

‘You’re doing amazing sweetie’ - us to ourselves, every day of 2020. Here’s how we’re moving forward and sweating out our worries. 

14. How to become a faster cook. 

If you’re like us, 30-minute meals never seem to take 30 minutes (chopping is hard, okay?). These hacks to the rescue. On your mark, get set, go. 

15. And finally, three totally random things that made us happy:

A Cards Against Anxiety set, this sheet mask, and some chill pill bath bombs.

*This denotes a sponsored post.

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