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Press Pause: Smart-Home Gadgets, Pet-Parent Hacks, and More

Press Pause with theSkimm
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Feb 22, 2021

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This week's picks coming in 3,2,1… 

1. 11 devices that’ll turn your place into a smart home.

Turning on the lights by flicking a switch is soooo 2020. This list of genius gadgets will make you feel like you’re living in 2040.

2. 7 irresistible podcasts about scams.

Pyramid schemes, corporate fraud, and grifters, oh my. Prepare to be shook in…

3. The best masks for double-masking (and how to do it properly).

Because science says two are better than one. This list has everything you need to protect yourself. Time to layer up.

4. 16 pet products that’ll solve common problems.

Like when you’ve got fur everywhere. Or unexpected stains on your carpets. It doesn’t have to be a ruff life if you have the right tools. Check ‘em out.

5. 100% organic cotton clothes that look and feel luxurious. 

Without the luxury price tag. This brand is all about cost transparency, and making classic pieces that last. Their new collection is designed for the future with nods to the past. Shop in the present.*

6. 25 easy side dishes to pair with pasta.

It’s time to give bucatini the sidekick it deserves. These options are pretty impastable to beat. 

7. Shoes that look cool and keep your feet comfy. 

These all-season, low top sneakers are back in stock after having an 8k waitlist. Bonus: the brand plants two trees for every pair purchased. Bonus bonus: Skimm’rs get 15% off for a limited time. Run, don’t walk.*

8. A shirt to support the cause against anti-Asian violence. 

You can get involved with a single purchase. Proceeds go toward Stop AAPI Hate, an organization that tracks and responds to incidents reported against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Because nothing changes if nothing changes.

9. How to store every type of fruit and vegetable in your house.

One day your beloved avos are in. The next day they're a pile of brown mush. Here's how to keep 'em so fresh, so clean.

10. The ultimate sewing guide for beginners.

Sew, it seams we’re all looking for new hobbies this year. Stitch on babes. 

11. As always, three totally random things that made us happy.

A rainbow embroidery set, avocado toast earrings, and an eyebrow kit for at-home upkeep.

On theSkimm Screen: Golden Globes Edition

TV is simply the MVP of quarantine. So here’s how to get prepped for Sunday’s big event…

  • Listen to “The Big Picture.” The pod will fill you in on all the ins and outs of awards season. We suggest: this ep about the Golden Globe noms. 

  • Turn your home into a movie theater concession stand. We love this popcorn bowl that filters out lazy kernels and this seasoning set to give your buttered snack the upgrade it deserves. 

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