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Press Pause: Women-Owned Businesses, Inspiring Books, and More

Press Pause with theSkimm
"The United States vs. Billie Holiday"/Hulu, Feed Projects
Mar 1, 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right: Women’s History Month. At theSkimm, we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate awesome women. And this March, we’re doing it a little differently. 

This past year has been historic, to say the least. And women are doing incredible things every day. They’re on the front lines of the pandemic; they’re doubling as school teachers; they’re writing the movies and books we’ll be talking about for years. (And honestly…we think it’s pretty incredible just to get through this at all.) So instead of waiting for 2040’s history books to honor them, we’re doing it alllll month long.

1. Our fave products from women-owned brands that also give back.

Introducing these small businesses that donate some proceeds to really important causes. We’ve got an aluminum-free deodorant that goes to breast cancer research, a daily moisturizer that supports gender equality, and more. Don’t miss out.

2. 9 must-read books by inspiring women.

For when you need a pep talk from some VIPs. Shonda, Greta, and Gloria to the rescue.

3. A podcast for people who have ‘goal digger’ on their vision boards.  

Say 'hi' to a special season of our career pod, Skimm’d from the Couch. We’re talking to women who’ve accomplished historic things this past year. In the hot seat this week: NBC News Chief White House Correspondent, Kristen Welker. Queue it up, up, up.

4. 15 products that honor game-changing women in history.

If you want your puzzles, coffee table books or wine glasses to feature the women you admire most, you’ve come to the right place.

5. Famous recipes by female chefs everyone should know. 

There’s no time like the present to conquer these dinners and desserts from icons like Julia Child, Edna Lewis, and Joyce Chen. Bon appétit.  

6. A cool way to celebrate the women in your life. 

She’s in your group texts, she’s on your Zooms, she’s DMing you the perfect meme as we speak. Now, it’s time to tell the world how much you appreciate her. We created a “video wall” where you can add a little tribute to the MVP in your life. Upload a short video here telling her why she rocks, and surprise her later. Cheers. 

7. The greatest songs by 21st century women.  

We’ve got indie favorites, iconic bops to sing in the shower, some songs mom will love (hi Adele), and jams that’ll make you miss the dance floor. Virtual karaoke starts now. 

8. 15 organizations that could use your help during Women’s History Month and beyond.

Like Girls Who Code, Dress for Success, and more. Do good, feel good.

9. And three totally random things we love from women-owned businesses. 

Some edible peanut butter cookie dough, a customizable board game, and this spicy margarita mix

Watching Her-stories

A Hulu subscription gets you access to tons of movies and shows that celebrate women’s stories and were made by women. Check out some of our faves: 

  • “The Great.” This hysterical, twisted satire back, back, backs it up to the 1700s, when Catherine the Great broke glass ceilings before it was cool. Talk about inspiring. 

  • “The United States vs. Billie Holiday.” Calling all history buffs, music lovers, and crime fans. Meet this inspired-by-real-events drama written by Pulitzer winner Suzan-Lori Parks. It just dropped Friday, and feels v. relevant even though it takes place in the ‘40s. Don’t miss it. 

  • “Pen15.” Grab your gel pens and get ready to laugh, cry, and cringe. This series breaks down what middle school in the early 2000s was actually like. Very funny. Almost too real.* 

*This denotes a sponsored section.

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