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20 Products That’ll Organize Every Room In Your Home

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May 29, 2020

Raise your hand if all this time at home has made you realize how much stuff is lying around. Same. Our Tupperware lids multiplied. Which means we could all probably benefit from some good ‘ol organization. 

That’s why we rounded up some products that’ll do the work for you. Aka, keep things neat and tidy. So you can find things within five minutes. And not lose track of the TV remote.


For when you’ve got loose cotton balls stuffed inside your medicine cabinet...

Jar ‘em. And keep them within arm’s reach. These canisters will collect all those bathroom items you’d otherwise lose track of (Q-tips and beauty blenders). Or use them for makeup brushes and hair accessories. Done and done. ($69/set of 2, PB Teen)

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For when you lose a toilet paper roll to the abyss that exists under your sink…

Utilize vertical space. This two-tier shelf will finally make sense of that mess of body washes and cleaning supplies you throw in there. Plus it will fit around your pipes and can expand to fit the entire space. Take before and after pics. Trust us. ($34.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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For when you insist on owning five different types of hair masks...

Get them off the floor. Coconut oil, argan oil...we get it. This shower caddy features silicone bands that’ll fit larger bottles and four pour spouts. So you can store bottles upside down. And get every last drop out. Mo’ product, less problems. Or something. ($15.99, The Container Store)

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For when your kitchen cabinet seems to swallow spice bottles…

Grab a shelf. And start stacking. This one lines the edges so you can actually see everything at once. It can also be arranged in different ways to fit your exact space. Talk about a makeover. ($21.99, Bed Bath & Beyond)

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For when you’ve got a random collection of bags and totes floating around…

Reuse them. But keep them in one place. This canvas dispenser will hold all the recycled bags you plan to use. So you don’t have a collection rolled in a ball under your sink. No judgment. ($10.99+, Amazon)

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For when you’ve got no idea how to store container lids because no one does...

Stand them up. The bottoms nestle but the lids never do. This holder fits square and round ones. And has adjustable dividers so you can pack ‘em all in. Call it magic. ($15.02+, Amazon)

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For when you’re looking to free up some precious counter space…

Rethink your outlets. Enter the tiny shelf you never knew you needed. It’ll become a home for your speaker, smart device, or electric toothbrush. And it can act as a rest for your phone while you’re cooking. One small step for organization, one giant win for your home. ($9.99+, Amazon)

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For when you prop brooms in one closet corner and call it storage...

Mount them. The five slots will keep your Swiffer and mops in place, while the six hooks will hold towels, dust pans, and brushes. It’s like your cleaning home base. ($10.99, Amazon)

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For when your sheet piles look like the Leaning Tower of Pisa…

Keep them supported. These dividers are crazy easy to install: just slip them over your closet shelf where you want them. They’ll keep items separated. Like bags, folded clothes, or books. A round of applause to you. ($18.98+/set of 2, Amazon)

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For when you bought the same tie-dye lounge outfit in six colors…

Ditch the traditional hanger. Who knew the letter S would be so useful? These hangers feature six places where you can hang items from. So you can layer clothes. And get more closet space. Hi, online shopping. ($9.99+, Amazon)

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Living Room:

For when you’ve got puzzle boxes crowding the coffee table…

Grab a basket. This one can hold every game and deck of cards you’ve been breaking out on weekends. And it comes in different sizes. ($16, Target)

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For when everyone wants their own blanket for movie night…

Lean a ladder. Because keeping throws piled onto one arm of your sofa isn’t working. And with this ladder you’ll be able to neatly fold them. Home decor meets home organization. ($56.99, Wayfair)

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Entry Room:

For when you can never find your car keys when you actually need them…

Keep them in sight. Like right next to your door. This wall unit also has a handy spot for mail. Stop looking underneath your couch cushions. They’re not there. ($52.99, Wayfair)

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For when you’ve got a line of shoes next to your front door…

Create an all-in-one. For sandals, jackets, hats, and purses. Plus, with the bench you won’t have to tie your sneakers by awkwardly bending over. Oh, and it’s a convenient place to keep your face mask. Win, win. ($149, Urban Outfitters)

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For when your umbrella creates a nice little puddle every time it rains…

Collect the mess. This one can hold short or tall umbrellas. And has a little place for water to pool. Goodbye, hallway water slide. ($22.26+, Amazon)

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Laundry Room:

For when you’ve got way too many detergent bottles and not enough shelf space…

Use a cart. A narrow cart that will fit in the alley next to your washing machine, of course. Because otherwise that area goes wasted. Plus, this cart rolls. Life-changing. ($29.99, Amazon)

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For when you’re spending 30 minutes separating lights, darks, and colors…

Get a new hamper. When it’s not in use, it can fold to conserve space. And it has three compartments to separate items. If you’re worried about smells, don’t be. The liner can be removed and washed. Boom. ($30, Target)

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Install extra shelves

For when you’ve got laundry hanging from every chair at your kitchen table...

Install extra shelves. These rods are the perfect place to keep hangers. And are strong enough to hold heavier cleaning supplies or an iron. When in doubt, hang a shelf. ($159.91/set of 2, Amazon)

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For when your delicates drawer is literally overflowing…

Fold, fold, fold. These inserts have pockets for things like bras and underwear. So each one can stay folded even after you take a pair out. Plus, you’ll also see how much you have left before a necessary laundry day. Marie Kondo would be proud. ($15.97, Amazon)

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For when your winter clothes take up half your bedroom closet…

Vacuum, literally. Sucking the air out of these bags can decrease the volume by eighty percent. So you can store sweaters, comforters, and heavy jackets. Without sacrificing your single closet. Hallelujah. ($25.99/set of 6 small bags, Amazon)

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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