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Puzzles and Accessories That Puzzlers of All Levels Will Enjoy

Puzzles and Accessories That Puzzlers of All Levels Will Enjoy
Design: theSkimm | Image: Ordinary Habit, Piecework
Jan 6, 2023

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Maybe it’s too cold to set foot outside or maybe you just want an excuse to avoid screen time. Whatever the case, puzzles (and other games) are a great option for cozying up inside with friends or fam, or as a solo activity. If you’re in the market for a puzzle that’ll challenge you, or one to just help you unwind, look no further. We’ve got you covered with puzzles for adults that you’ll wanna hang after solving, custom puzzles perfect for gifting (even to yourself), and puzzle accessories that’ll help you up the ante — a dedicated puzzle table with hidden trays, anyone? Add your favorite bev to the mix, and let’s get solving. 

A wooden puzzle with nontraditional shapes…

Don’t let the piece count fool you — even though this one’s only got 200 of ’em, it’s sure to be a challenge for puzzlers at any skill level. Each unique puzzle shape hides 24 animals (this one’s got a mix of dogs and butterflies) within a colorful design. The pieces are made from thick basswood that snap into place and stay strong enough to be able to lift the finished product once the puzzle’s completed. ($29.99, Amazon)

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Puzzles you’ll wanna frame after you’re finished…

If a chic piece of art is what you’re after, check out these puzzles from Piecework. They’ve got eye-catching designs packed with everything from disco balls to dessert tables and champagne glasses. We also love the puzzle bundles that come with up to three different designs ranging in piece count. They’ve got a party-themed trio, a Western-themed duo, and even one for anybody in need of a little ‘me time’. ($11.40+, Piecework)

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A custom puzzle featuring a favorite photo…

Wanna display a cherished memory or gift someone a unique surprise? We rec this custom puzzle from Shutterfly. It’ll turn any image into a one-of-a-kind puzzle with up to 1,000+ pieces. The best part? You can customize your layout to add text, backgrounds, and even include up to 22 photos. The possibilities are endless. ($19.99+, Shutterfly)

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Puzzles inspired by the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s…

This brand takes challenging to the next level. Each piece in every puzzle is cut differently from the rest (more about their random-cut piece process here), so even longtime puzzle hobbyists will have their work cut out for them. Check out this extra-large 1,000-piece puzzle with a vintage matchbook design or this breakfast lover’s paradise. And if you’d like to scale back, we love this 500-piece option with one of the cutest pups we’ve ever seen. PS: For every puzzle sold, Le Puzz will donate $1 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America. Do it, do it. ($18+, Le Puzz)

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A variety of 500-piece puzzles with fresh, modern designs…

Because not everyone wants to take on a 1,000-piece challenge. If you’re looking for a fun puzzle you can finish in one evening and still have the energy to hang up after, Puzzeldly’s got some great options. Add this one to your kitchen or over your bar cart. It’s got bright illustrated gin bottles and even comes with a poster of the design. Or this one that’s been printed with soy-based inks and has an anti-glare finish. ($15+, Puzzledly)

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Puzzles that look like old storybook illustrations…

Tap into your inner child with Ordinary Habit’s nostalgic puzzles. They’ve got beautifully drawn designs that’ll take you back to your “Alice in Wonderland” days. We love this 100-piece pink house option you can do over a weekend breakfast, or this 1,000-piece one that’s got an actual breakfast spread design. And if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, snag this collection of four 500-piece puzzles featuring outdoor, indoor, and beach vacation designs. ($14.95, Ordinary Habit)

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A monthly subscription for the serious puzzle master…

Keep your mind sharp and your fingers busy with a monthly challenge. You’ll get a new 500- or 1,000-piece puzzle delivered to your door every month. Just choose the length of your subscription — anywhere from one month to one year — and get ready to solve. Psst…this also makes for a great gift. ($25.99+, Cratejoy)

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A double-sided puzzle for double the fun…

Once you solve one side, take it apart, flip all the pieces, and start over to do the other. Each 500-piece puzzle is an aerial pic of a Hawaiian beach from popular photographer Gray Malin. The pieces are printed with no-glare, nontoxic inks and should come without all that yucky, loose puzzle dust that sometimes accompanies newly manufactured puzzles. ($19.98, Amazon)

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A dedicated place to keep your puzzle safe…

Not only will you keep your coffee table clean, but you’ll be able to keep your puzzle pieces sorted too. This table’s got four drawers stashed inside so you can separate those pesky corners from the confusing inners with ease. It’s got a super-smooth wooden surface and is big enough to fit puzzles up to 1,500 pieces. ($64.99, Amazon)

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A puzzle mat that’ll keep your solved jigsaws intact…

Because you can’t just throw away all those hours of work on an unfinished puzzle. Take the pressure off feeling like you need to complete a challenging puzzle all in one sitting and snag this inflatable puzzle mat. It’ll let you roll up whatever you’ve gotten done so far — up to 2,000 pieces — and store for later. ($14.99, Amazon)

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