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The Story 

Starbucks brought the PSL back yesterday. And, so, the end of summer was decreed. 

I can feel it coming in the air tonight...

Yup. Your favorite TV shows are on, heat waves are canceled, kids are in school, and you get a fresh start. Scroll for our recs to help you make it through the ch-ch-ch-changes...

For when leaving home 10 minutes late means you’ll be 30 minutes late to work…

Snooze you win. Adults need an average of seven to nine hours of sleep a night to bring their A-game. But work, life, and Netflix can mess with your best-laid plans. Here’s how to upgrade your wake up and wind down situation...

Something to get you back to the grind…

Pour Over Coffee Copper Cow
Biodegradable bean bags
now $10. Copper Cow Coffee

Why it’s smart: Single-serve pour-over coffee from a venture-backed, women-owned business. Go compound words. Take this 90-second brew on-the-go and make your day’s opening act better, faster, stronger.

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Something to put your summer scaries to rest...

Allswell Mattress
The mattress of your dreams
starts at $345. Allswell

Why it’s smart: Nearly half of Skimm’rs feel like their lack of sleep is challenging their overall wellness. No sheep. Get you a mattress that has cooling gel layers to absorb body heat so you Zzz, sans sweat.

Psst...September is *the* time for mattress sales. Deals usually drop around Labor Day, but you get this Allswell promo early.

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Skimm'rs get 15% off mattresses with SKIMM15 through 9/15

Something for when getting in and out of bed is like pulling teeth…

Wildist Toothpaste
Prettier personal care
now $28. Wildist

Why it’s smart: Meet a natural toothpaste you actually *want* to put in your mouth. Wildist uses safer ingredients than what you'd typically find in the oral care aisle (these have ginseng, chamomile, and turmeric). Bonus: the pack comes with AM + PM paste and natural deodorant. It’s only natural...hygiene.

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Something for when you can’t fit another product on your beauty shelf...

Olio e Osso
The Olio thing your face needs
now $28. Of a Kind

Why it’s smart: This tinted balm’s combo of shea butter, beeswax, and grapefruit will give you an intentional flush. Not to be confused with the one you get when running into work late. Hint: use it all over (lips, face, body, and split ends included).

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For when you’re trading sunscreen for laptop screens…

28% of American adults say they are ‘almost constantly’ online. Insert: cold sweat emoji. Here are products for when you can’t live with (and without) screentime… 

Something for when everyone in your office has blue light glasses...

EyeJust Screen Protector
Shades for your phone
now $35. EyeJust

Why it’s smart: ICYMI, blue light can cause things like eye strain and reduced sleep. So EyeJust made a screen protector for your phone that doubles as protection for your eyes. Warning: has an orange-y tint, but that just means it’s ~working~.

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Something for when your office doesn't allow plants...

Forest App
An app to plant better habits
now $2. App store

Why it’s smart: Tamagotchi meets Bob Ross equals your new favorite productivity hack. The Forest app lets you grow time management skills and curb your phone addiction by tending to happy little trees. PS: earning coins in the app means the company plants them IRL. 

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For when cooler weather means you’re out of excuses to skip the gym…

Three in four Skimm’rs (74%) workout at least a few times a month. Make like your Fantasy Football MVP and get smarter about your sweat sesh…

Something for when your HIIT class was a little too HI...

Lululemon Sweat Reset
A gentle gel
now $48. Lululemon

Why it’s smart: Post-workout redness isn’t exactly the no-makeup makeup look you were going for. Meet Sweat Reset, Lululemon’s new face moisturizer made to cleanse, calm, and hydrate your skin. PS: comes with a lock-top to prevent spillage.

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Something for when ‘messy bun’ is your only option...

Kitsch Hair Coils
Intentional bird’s nest
now $8. Amazon

Why it’s smart: Calling your gym bag. Kitsch’s telephone cord-inspired hair ties hold fast and won’t leave a dent in your ‘do. Good for days when you’re probably (definitely) not going to wash your hair after class.

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Something for when your fresh-from-gym glow is just sweat…

Recess Wipes
De-grime wipes
now $26. Recess

Why it’s smart: Stay fresh with individually wrapped compostable wipes. They have ingredients you’d usually find in fancy skincare products, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and eucalyptus. Pairs well with questionable communal showers.

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For when you’re putting away your long weekend bag...

Not so fast. It’s the start of “shoulder season,” which is the Goldilocks of travel season. Think: in between peak and off-peak times, when you get cheaper tickets for better destinations, activities, and weather. Here’s how to plan for it…

Something to make your wallet feel better after you upgrade your seats…

Hopper app
A cheap flight fortune-teller
free. Hopper

Why it’s smart: Travel industry, meet your palm reader. Hopper analyzes millions of data points to predict the best time to buy tickets for your destination. This year’s forecast: shoulder season will run through Oct. Go go OOO.

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Something to pencil in all those travel plans...

Pellatini Planner
A petite planner
now $24. Pellatini

Why it’s smart: For those who aren’t in a committed relationship with a year-long planner, this four-month one streamlines your busiest time of the year (September - December) without weighing your bag down.

PS: Pellatini is this month’s small business pick, a new thing we’re introducing to spotlight hard-working small businesses you might not know about.

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For when you want to get better acquainted with your kitchen…

Join the club. Nearly 9 in 10 Skimm’rs (88%) say that preparing food at home instead of eating out is a major factor in promoting their personal wellness. Here are a few things to help make your weekly meal prep less – err, weak... 

Something for when notes in the office fridge start getting passive-aggressive…

A food stasher
now $12. Amazon

Why it’s smart: A reusable silicone bag to store and cook your food. It's heat-resistant, dishwasher friendly, and comes in fun colors so no one can 'accidentally’ mistake your lunch for theirs.

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Something for when nothing compares to your mom’s cooking...

(Someone else’s) family recipes
now $17. Amazon

Why it’s smart:  In “Indian-ish,” Priya Krishna and her mom show you how to make Indian food in an American kitchen. Their stories behind the recipes put the *chef’s kiss* on this cookbook slash read.

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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