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Travel Essentials for Your Dream Vacation

Mar 27, 2018

Temps are rising. Kinda. So is your itch to take a trip. Now's the time to to plan for summer travel with these travel essentials...

Get in line…fly by the crowds. Clear lets you cut alllll the lines. And all your have to do is provide your fingerprint. Worth it. Get it here.

Get booked…play house with Homeaway. You’ll find a better price than hotels, and be able to pretend you live there. BYO pillow chocolate.

Get the best deal…sky’s the limit. Get cheaper flights with the Hopper app. Because you should never have a bad fare day.

Get liquid courage…nothing to wine about here. These wine sleeves let you travel with your favorite bottle of vino. Hi, housewarming present or bachelorette savior.

Get your steps in…and feel like you’re walking on clouds. The trick is to wear sneakers that feel like socks. These just made your trek through the airport a lot better.

Get packed…that includes your toiletries. Dagne Dover will make sure you never leave them to the last second. Because the bag looks so good you’ll want to use it stat.

Get the wrinkles out...because you want your trip to be smooth. Here’s the steamer that will save your silk dress.

Get organized…and divided. Meet the packing cubes that will make sure your socks, bathing suits, shirts, etc. all have their place.

Get the check…and avoid the end-of-dinner madness. Splitwise will make sure everyone in the group pays what they owe, so there are no scary charge notifications on Monday back at work.

Get glowy…and say ‘oh sheet.’ These sheet masks are perfect for a pre-trip pick me up. Also a good way to scare passengers on the flight.

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