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A Few of Your Absolute Favorite Things of 2021

our best-selling products so far this year
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Jul 8, 2021

ICYMI, here at Skimm Life we’re all about helping you shop smarter. Items for your home? We got you. Products to solve your small everyday problems? We have recs on recs. Things to gift yourself just because? Say no more.

Now we’re looking back to see what Skimm’rs loved most the first half of this year. And to clue you in, we put our top sellers and most popular products across categories into one handy list just in case you missed any. Get ready to shop ‘em all.

Want more Skimm Faves? We’re also revealing your fave books, home products, problem-solving products, self-care products, and kitchen products.

A mineral SPF that’ll melt right into your skin…

Because sunscreen = a necessity. This dual face and body option from La Roche-Posay has broad spectrum protection — so it’ll protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. It’s also oil-free, fragrance-free, water resistant, and works for all skin types (sensitive skin included). Plus it’s fast absorbing, non-comedogenic, and dermatologist recommended. Don’t miss it. ($21.99+, Amazon)

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A wireless, strapless bra that doesn’t feel like a strapless bra...

Because it actually stays up and is comfy AF (we’re serious). This bra from LIVELY is super soft and offers tons of support without any pointy wires. And its no-slip strip at the top makes sure it stays put. Time to dance under the summer stars.* ($35, LIVELY)

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A habit tracking calendar so you can achieve your goals…

Maybe you wanna stop using your phone after 8 pm. Or drink less caffeine. Whatever your goal is, this calendar will help you stay aware of your daily, weekly, and monthly habits. It’s broken down into different categories like sleep, movement, finances, and organization. So you can stay on top of things and set yourself up for success. ($18, Free Period Press)

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A teeth-whitening kit whose results may last a year or more...

Want to brighten up your smile for vaxxed-girl summer? Look no further. You'll pop these strips on for a half hour each day for 20 days to target stains. Shine on. ($49.99/20 pack, Amazon)

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A tool that’ll help you get salon-like hair from the comfort of your home...

And no, you don’t have to be an expert. Consider this a brush and hair dryer in one. It features three heat and speed settings, plus a cool option for styling. The oval design helps to smooth your locks and create volume. Hello, good hair days. ($39.99+, Amazon)

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Something to help prevent your glasses from fogging up when you wear a face mask…

Ah, face masks. We’ve been dedicated to wearing them. But we’re over the way they make our glasses fog up. Sound familiar? This anti-fog spray works on all types of glasses, and doesn’t call for constant application. A few spritzes and you’re good for the day. Sigh of relief sold separately. ($7.99, Amazon)

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A jewelry cleaning brush that'll make your diamonds sparkle…

We're not kidding. Your earrings, rings, and necklaces never looked this good. The secret is in the cleaning solution and brush tip that'll gently remove dirt and grime. Bling-bling. ($6.43, Amazon)

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A suction tool to help relieve those itchy mosquito bites... 

Bug bites be gone. This genius product works to remove the irritant left underneath your skin that causes itchiness and redness. You’ll be able to stop a reaction in its tracks, leaving the bite visibly smaller. You can even try it on bee and wasp stings. The true MVP of the summer. ($9.95, Amazon)

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An allergy supplement to soothe seasonal irritation, support digestion, and boost coat health…

You’re not the only one who itches and sneezes because of allergies. These chews can help with coat licking and biting. They also feature a blend of probiotics and salmon oil (for smooth fur). Goodbye, ruff life. ($25.96+, Amazon)

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A vibrator that uses sonic waves…

And cruise control. So it doesn’t drop in intensity as you go. To break it down, it saves 20% of its power when you're holding it lightly against your body, but then uses that stored power when you push harder. So the motor stays just as powerful even under pressure. For deeper sensations that stimulate the entire clitoris, the silicone is engineered to absorb and respond to pulses, sending them back into the body. Orgasm city, population: you. ($111, Lelo)

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An Amanda Gorman print with a quote from her famous inaugural poem…

She was appointed the first-ever National Youth Poet Laureate by Urban Word. And is the recipient of the Poets & Writers Barnes & Noble Writers for Writers Award. So she’s kicking butt and isn’t even 25 yet. We can’t keep up. ($15+, Purrfect Feminist on Etsy)

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Leggings with *gasps* pockets…

Because once you have pockets, you’ll never wanna go back. These compressive leggings aren’t see-through when you bend over. So you won’t need a long shirt that covers your butt. Plus? They’re made from recycled water bottles. So buying a pair is actually good for the environment. And we love that they’re available in sizes XXS through 6XL. ($78, Girlfriend Collective)

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A vaccination card holder to keep your VIP (very important paper) safe...

These colorful cases are made from layers of durable oilcloth and have a vinyl pocket where you’ll stash your card. The covers are cut and sewn by hand, and you can customize ‘em with your name or a word on the cover too. Très chic. ($7+, I Sew Dreams on Etsy)

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A modular pill organizer with clear bins…

So all your morning (and evening) vitamins and medications live in one place. The daily pods are labeled and can be pulled off the base for travel. And to make each compartment easier to handle, the top doesn’t need to be removed when filling. It’s a push-through design, and yes, bigger pills fit. ($34.95, Grommet)

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An arts-and-crafts-themed subscription box for your next weekend activity…

Because getting in touch with your artsy side isn’t only for kids. Or for quarantine. This one for adults and teens will bring a different craft to your doorstep every month. It’ll come with all the tools, accessories, and instructions you’ll need to get crafting. Past boxes have included everything from wood burning and engraving projects to making a wine and cheese chalkboard kit, and more. Endorphins = activated. ($30+/month, Cratejoy)

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A five-year journal to help you reflect and record priceless moments…

This journal is easy to maintain, asking for just one line each day. So even the busiest people will be able to keep up with it. It leaves you enough space to jot down a single moment, memory, quote, or event from your day. And it’s got enough pages for five years of reflection. Time to put pen to paper. Just for a minute. ($12.06, Amazon)

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A three-ply, pleated disposable face mask…

These are not meant to be reused, so toss once you’re done wearing. The ear loops aren’t adjustable, but the barrier created by the three-ply can prevent the wearer from contaminants. To make sure the mask fits snugly, you can knot the ear loops of the face mask where they join the edge of the mask. Then fold and tuck the unneeded material under the edges (for a how-to, click here). These are made in the US and have a scannable QR code to help shoppers avoid counterfeit products. ($21.99/50 pack, Amazon)

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A mini cross-stitch set that’s as relaxing as it is satisfying...

This hand embroidery kit is perfect for when you want to put your phone down and let your mind escape. It has all the essentials (and step-by-step instructions) you’ll need to complete a 6-inch hoop art. You can use the text from the pattern or change things up once you get the hang of it. All you need now is some calming tea and music and the vibe is set. ($43.38, Natalie Gaynor Designs on Etsy)

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A budget planner to help you track your spending…

Stay on top of your hard-earned cash with monthly spreads that’ll help you record things like income, rent, utilities, and groceries. No more surprise gasps when you open a credit card bill or check your savings account. ($15.99, Amazon)

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A pimple patch to remove all the gunk that sits underneath your skin…

Stress breakouts, we’re looking at you. These hydrocolloid patches cover breakouts and reduce inflammation. They work to extract pus, healing the skin along the way. You can apply one before heading to bed and then remove it in the morning. We’re talking minimal effort. ($12.50/36 pack, Amazon)

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A mug all about Ruth Bader Ginsburg…

She dedicated her life to fighting for justice. And served on the Supreme Court for 27 years. Her list of accomplishments is almost too long to type. We can’t think of a better person to start your day with. ($14.99+, Petty Betty Co. on Etsy)

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A T-shirt to proudly wear out and about…

The embroidery says it all. No need to explain further. Just a note for sizing: the shirt is fitted, so if you prefer it a bit looser, size up. ($35, The Bee and the Fox on Etsy)

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And a Rose Apothecary sweatshirt for those big “Schitt’s Creek” fans…

Aka an iconic show that’s simply the best. Rep your fave characters with this sweatshirt dedicated to the one and only Rose Apothecary. Because you definitely can quote episodes by heart. ($29+, Versa T-Shirts on Etsy)

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