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Meet Six Skimm'r-Supported Organizations That Give Back

Nov 18, 2019

We're bringing you tips and tricks to Celebrate Smarter this holiday season. Check it out.

The Story

Time to sleigh the holiday season. One idea? Giving back. If you need some inspiration, here’s how some Skimm’rs are giving back to their communities – not just during the holidays, but year-round.

For when it’s time to start shopping for gifts…

Paging Kateri Ruiz (MN). She’s the founder of MAIA Community – a site that helps you find women-owned businesses around the US. Its goal is to get every female in the US to spend at least $20/month for a year on woman-owned businesses – which it says could drive $39.6 billion in revenue to women. Learn more here.

For when you want to empower women and girls…

Meet Sharron M. Champion (SC) – the co-founder and executive director of The Homeless Period Project. It provides menstrual hygiene products to women and girls in need around the country – and educates and advocates to end the stigma around menstruation. Worth noting that these are some of the least donated products to homeless shelters. Donate, volunteer, and learn more here.

For when you want to make your co-workers holiday cookies…

You do that. But Kerry Brodie (NY) knows a sweeter way to give back. She’s the executive director of Emma’s Torch, which offers culinary training and job placement services to refugees and survivors of human trafficking. Learn more and donate here.

For when you want to focus on health in the new year…

Get an early start with Bella Chaffey (WA). She’s the founder and president of Alexander’s Hope – a non-profit that spreads awareness about organ donations and helps provide life-saving cardiac tests to youths. She founded it after her brother Alexander suffered a massive heart attack at age 19 (caused by an undiagnosed heart condition) and needed a heart transplant. Learn more and donate here.

For when you’re feeling excited about the holidays…

Not everyone feels that way, and Nancy Bartosz (IL) wants to help. She’s an “Agent of Impact” for Hope For The Day, which is dedicated to suicide prevention and mental health education. The non-profit encourages people to take action and open up the conversation on mental health. Learn more here.

For when you want to make sure everyone has a nice holiday meal…

Dr Allison Litton (AL) has an idea. She founded Meals onCol, a meal delivery service for people battling cancer in Birmingham, AL. It’s tailored to help alleviate the side effects from treatment. Learn more and donate here.

PS: Are you still looking for the perfect gift? Check out the Celebrate Smarter Shop. And for today only, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to these Skimm’r-supported organizations.

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