12 Smart Products That'll Make WFH Easier

Published on: Jan 4, 2021fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
products that'll make working from home so much easierDesign: Masako Fukuchi, Credit: The Container Store, Jungalow, Target

This post was originally published in January 2020 and has since been updated.

Since many of us are still working from home (hi, we still are over here at Skimm HQ), you’re probably missing your office desk, chair, and storage space. You may be staring at your home setup wondering how it got this messy...

Well, let us introduce you to these products. We’ve got things to hold papers, to decorate, and to make your makeshift office way more legit. You’re welcome.

extension cord
For when you need to plug in your phone charger, laptop charger, and desk lamp…

Get an extension. Cord, that is. One that is 10 feet long and has multiple ports available. Your wires won’t get tangled. And you won’t have to sacrifice battery life. Huzzah. ($11.39, Target)

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mouse pad
For when your mouse absolutely hates your kitchen table…

Pad time. So you can scroll smoothly. But wait...there’s more. This one doubles as a notepad so you can stay organized. Two birds, one stone. ($12, Knock Knock)

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paper holder
For when you’ve got a ton of papers taking up your desk space…

Organize ‘em. With three slots, you’ll be able to separate mail and work files. Plus the gold will add a touch of glam to your home office. Style meets function. ($19.99, Cost Plus World Market)

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desk chair
For when sitting on your bed has caused some serious back issues…

Move to a chair. And actually sit up. This one is made with a series of bands that conform to you, so you’ll finally be able to get some support. The bands will distribute weight evenly, while the adjustable chair can swivel 360 degrees and recline. Hi, new BFF. ($199.99, The Container Store)

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desk lamp
For when you decide to pull a late-nighter…

Lower the light. Because having your overhead light on at 10 pm is just too much for your eyes. Lamp, meet desk. ($49.99, Wayfair)

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string lights with photo clips
For when you wanna add a touch of cozy to your work space…

Photo time. But make it string lights. This wire is over 9 feet long and has 30 clips for cute #TBT photos of vacations and time spent away from your home. Remember those days? ($19, Dormify)

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painted planter with drainage
For when you decide to liven up your desk with some greenery…

Pick a pot. This two-piece set (the bottom piece acts as drainage) is beautifully painted and anxiously waiting for a green buddy. Add to cart. ($69, Jungalow)

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hammock for your feet underneath your desk
For when you’re getting that tingly feet sensation...

Lift them. Yes, you’ve been sitting at your desk for hours. But now you’ll be able to rest your feet comfortably. It’s totally adjustable and can work with any desk. Ah, sweet relief. ($15.46, Amazon)

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webcame covers for your computer
For when you’re always nervous that your video will turn on before you’re ready… 

Get a little privacy. Pop on a webcam cover, and feel free to roam about the cabin. Then slide it over when you’re ready to say ‘hey’ on your company-wide video call. ($6.99/set of 2, Amazon)

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laptop desk for your bed or couch
For when your commute is from one side of the bed to the other…

Bring the office to you. This tray lets you keep your laptop at eye level. So you won’t have to  strain your neck. Oh, and it features a drawer and air holes. No more overheating on your lap. ($37.99, Amazon)

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chair pillow for your desk chair
For when you need to make the most out of your dining room chair...

Add a pillow. This one is designed to relieve lower back pressure. By keeping your spine in an ideal posture. Solutions, here we come. ($64, Cushion Lab)

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For when your kitchen table is your desk…

Keep it clean. Goodbye watermarks. Hello cute and colorful coasters you won’t want to put away. ($13.69+/set of 2, Alejo Mi on Etsy)

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If you buy anything from this email, theSkimm may get something in return. Oh, and if something’s out of stock, oops, it was there (and all prices were accurate too) when we published. Thanks.

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