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Spring Shopping List: New Season New You

spring refresh
Mar 21, 2018

You might not feel like it yet but it’s sprung. And you’re getting hit with ads for spring clothing. Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Skimm HQ is not about that life. Instead, ‘tis the season to declutter and treat yourself while sprucing up your space. This is how you can tackle it all…

Your space...couch your expectations. As in, Modsy lets you actually visualize what that new couch - or any piece of furniture - will look like in your place before you buy it.

Your desk…everything has its place. A desk organizer will keep your pens separate from your notes separate from that stack of paper you should probably just recycle. Hoarding, cured.

Your dirty sh*t...keep it clean, keep it green. These Force of Nature cleaning products are Captain Planet approved and will have your home (er, shoebox apartment) looking sparkly.

Your walls...get framed. Not the kind that will send you to jail. Framebridge gives you custom framing for way less. Looking good.

Your to-do list…share the love. TaskRabbit declutters your to-dos by giving them to other people too. How generous of you.

Your downtime...wake up and smell the relaxation. Nest Fragrances has diffusers that will keep the room smelling like spring all year long.

Your kitchen…lettuce help you. Because we know you’re not going to use that whole head of lettuce in your fridge. Green Chef sends you only the ingredients you need to make a healthier dinner. Sans waste.

Your’s lit. The literal kind. Otherland candles smell and look like a dream. Cue the Enya.

Your bed...because hitting the pillow should feel like the least cluttered experience possible. Keep it simple with this Casper mattress. Sweet dreams.

Your closet...get rid of stuff. This book will give you the power to throw stuff in the trash or give it away. Let it gooo, let it go.

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