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Peak Summer Essentials: July SmarterPack

July Peak Summer Smarter Pack Illustration with camera, sandals, wine cup, cooler
Jun 26, 2019

The Story 

Friends, family, Summer Fridays. Welcome to July...the month where your calendar’s as packed as a Monday morning inbox. Lucky for you, we’ve got everything you need to keep your cool. 

How did you know... 

Because you’re either hosting a BBQ or going to one, and you’re probably spending a lot of time outside. That means you don’t have time to waste inside, behind your computer, researching the essentials. So we did it for you. Scroll down for the goods that'll get you through the dog days. Meet the Peak Summer Smarter Pack... 

For all that time in the sun...

Summer means sand, surf, and – ICYMI – premature aging. But while 70% of millennials say they’re concerned about skin damage from the sun, only 14% actually apply sunscreen every day. We found products to help you stay shady...

Something for when your mineral sunscreen leaves streaks on your face..

CC cream that takes SPF srsly

now $39.Sephora

theSkimm: Meet the Meryl Streep of foundations. This CC (aka, color correcting) cream is best-selling and award-winning. Why it’s smart:  Use it as a moisturizer, concealer, or foundation with SPF 50. The world is your sun-blocked oyster. Why we love it: Good for low-maintenance people who don’t want to do an entire makeup routine but still want to look ‘finished.’ Hint: all of us. Straight from the reviews: "Let's get real: I wear this because I'm 34, I have two kids, and I have five-ish minutes in the morning to slap makeup on my face to look like the dang beauty queen I am."

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Something for when you’re business in the front, messy bun in the back...

A flexible straw visor

now $29.Urban Outfitters

theSkimm: Less is more when it comes to summer clothes. This hat agrees. Why it’s smart: It shields your face from the sun while still allowing sweat to evaporate off the top of your head. Translation: keeps you cool. Why we love it: Visors are the headbands of hats. They’re functional and let you style your hair however you want. Or, however the weather wants.  Straight from the reviews: "I love that it’s made from natural palm leaves."

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Something for when you always miss a spot applying sunscreen...

Supergoop!’s eyeshadow with SPF

now $24.Sephora

theSkimm: Sunscreen in your eyes: bad. Game-changing eyeshadow with SPF 30: good. Why it’s smart: The creamy, broad-spectrum formula protects the thin skin over your eyes without sh*tty ingredients. Why we love it: Goes on like a regular eyeshadow, lasts all day, and doesn’t crease. Straight from the reviews: "This is an easy and foolproof way to include sun care into my daily routine without giving much thought. I would have loved this product without SPF."

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For your Fourth of July picnic...

Last year, 62% of Americans planned on going to a cookout for the country’s bday. And, as a nation, we were cool with shelling out $6.9 billion on food to celebrate the US of A. That’s a lot of patties. Here are picks that won’t let freedom ring out your wallet...

Something to be the coolest person at the party...’s cool(er) bag

now $

theSkimm: This durable, water-resistant bag keeps up to 24 cans cool and looks good doing it. Why it’s smart: Makes transporting beverages easier. You can remove the straps and lid to use it as a cooler when you get to the park. Why we love it: The retro pattern feels Americana without screaming stars and stripes. Straight from the reviews: "It’s even cuter in person and it’s big enough to carry two bottles of champagne (which is how I tested its durability) and some snacks."

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Something for when you want to attempt fireworks photos...

Fujifilm’s not-so-instant camera

now $160.Amazon

theSkimm: What's a Fourth of July party if not an IG photo opp. Take your pics with this small but mighty camera. Why it’s smart: It’s not a regular instant camera, it’s a hybrid instant camera. Meaning, there’s a monitor on the back that lets you preview and edit your pics before printing. Why we love it: At one pound, the camera is super light. And it prints off your shots in unique little squares. Straight from the reviews: "You don't have to print your mistakes. And, you can make as many prints as you want, so if you take a picture with your friend, you can both keep a copy."

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Something to help you swan dive into the punch...

Food52’s non-stabby silicone straws

now $25.Food52

theSkimm: It’s estimated that nearly 7.5MM plastic straws litter America’s shorelines. You can make it your patriotic duty to reduce your single-use plastic with these eco-friendly straws. Why it’s smart: Bye, paper straws that can't hold the first sip. Hi, bendable straws that won’t pick up odors or tastes. Why we love it: The portable cases keep your straws clean and your bag dry. Straight from the reviews: "These are the best things I have ever purchased, and I have talked 7 more people into buying their own."

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For when you’re spending QT with Mother Nature...

You’re not the only one. Millennials spend over 21 hours a week (on average) outside. That’s more than any other demo. Here’s how to do it smarter...

Something to keep your feet happy...

Teva’s sandals of the summer

now $70.Amazon

theSkimm: Part dad shoe, part influencer fave, these 'sport sandals' check the functional and ugly-cool box. Why it’s smart: Bring on the rocks, sand, and uneven sidewalks. Tevas have traction and super soft padding to keep your feet happy and secure during all-day activity. Why we love it: This particular pair dries fast after getting wet. See ya never, damp feet and squeaky footsteps. Straight from the reviews: "Most comfortable shoes I own! I just wore them for the first time all day and night to a standing concert and my feet didn't hurt at all!"

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Something to stop mosquitoes from tagging along...

Repel’s plant-based repellent

now $7.Amazon

theSkimm: Meet a naturally derived repellent that (....drumroll, please) actually works. Why it’s smart: Oil of lemon eucalyptus says GTFO to mosquitoes for up to six hours. Why we love it: Most DEET-free (some don’t like the smell, others don’t trust the chemical) repellents are as useless as your swatting attempts. This one creates a solid barrier without leaving you greasy or sticky.  Straight from the reviews:"Mosquitos LOVE me, so if it works on me it should work on anyone."

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For your JOMO...

Around one-third of Skimm’rs feel anxious or down at least once per week. If your busy schedule is making you sweat, book some me-time and RSVP "yes" with these picks.

Something to help you smell the roses...

Refreshing rose mist

now $5.Brandless

theSkimm: Sweat on your upper lip isn’t the same thing as 'dewy.' This facial toner is an instant splash of water on your face (but less messy). Why it’s smart: It’s vegan, cruelty-free, and has aloe to soothe your skin. Why we love it: The price is not a typo. So you can stop shelling out triple the cash for a similar product.  Straight from the reviews: "Put it in the fridge on hot days, and that spray will feel so good."

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Something for your wine down...

FREEZE’s wine cooling cups

now $26.Amazon

theSkimm: Cheers to not having to put ice cubes in your glass. Not that we do that. Why it’s smart: The BPA-free cup keeps your wine cool for two hours using a fancy gel insulator. Bonus: the silicone band makes sure your fingers don’t turn into frosé. Why we love it: Wine fridges aren’t cheap. And they aren’t portable, either. Straight from the reviews: "I bought these to use around the pool for two reasons: keeping the wine cool and no glass in the pool area. They're great!”

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Something for spilling the (iced) tea...

Sink into a summer satire

now $13.Amazon

theSkimm: Lauren Mechling’s “How Could She” follows three old friends as they fake it 'til they make it (or not). Why it’s smart: It’s an inside look at female friendships—and betrayals—career and dating pressures, and hardest of all—making it in NYC. Why we love it: Will make you laugh, will make you think about your own relationships, and will make you not want to put it down. Straight from the reviews: "'How Could She' has that rare combination of a generous heart and an enviably cool eye, and it's hilarious to boot."

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PS: These are editorially selected, but if you purchase, theSkimm may get something in return. If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. Thanks.

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