17 Things You Need for a Socially Distant Picnic

Published on: Jun 5, 2020fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
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Even as states start to open up, it’s safe to say summer will look a little bit different this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend your time outside in a safe way. Enter the socially distant picnic. Aka, a responsible way to meet up with friends and family. While still maintaining six feet. 

So while you won’t be sharing the same blanket, we rounded up products you’ll need for the occasion. Get ready to claim your section of the park.

P.S. Here's more info from the CDC on how to protect yourself and others.

For when you want your white wine to stay chilled longer than five minutes…
Insulated Tote
Choose an insulated tote
$64.99+, L.L.Bean

Because warm drinks are so not refreshing. This tote has a durable canvas outside, but a leak-proof lining should your bottle take a tumble. And if it happens to get a bit heavy, use the shoulder strap to carry. Tote-ally worth it.

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For when your phone drops down to 20% battery within a few hours…
Connect to a portable charger
$45.99+, Amazon

Like one that can charge any type of phone or tablet. And one that can fit in your pocket. The indicator lights let you know how much juice it has left, too. Goodbye, low battery warnings.

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For when you wanna avoid grass stains from sitting for too long…
Lawn Chair
Use a chair
$72.99, Wayfair

But also one that won’t be a pain to carry. This one features straps like a backpack and can recline all the way down for some prime relaxation. Plus, it has a cup holder and storage pouches for items like napkins and sunglasses.

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For when you want your wine glass to stand upright for more than one second…
Wine Spikes
Spike the ground
$10.45+, Amazon

Literally. These ones are designed to hold your glass upright. So the next time you meet up with friends you can keep it classy. Cheers to that.

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For when you wanna set up without ants crawling toward your sandwich...
Picnic Blanket
Lay down a blanket
$65, Shopbop

This one has a waterproof backing and section for your lunch to be displayed. Plus, it folds up into a neat carrying case. Aka, it’s a picnic must-have.

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For when you wanna dive into the fruit salad the minute you sit down…
Reusable Untensils
Carry utensils
$14, Anthropologie

Reusable ones, obvi. This set fits together so you won’t have a loose spoon swimming at the bottom of your bag. It’s also made from recycled material and can be easily washed for next time. The gift that keeps on giving.

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For when you wanna bring your fur baby to the gathering…
Pet Water Bottle
Bring some water
$16.97+, Amazon

Hot afternoons spent outdoors mean your pet needs to be hydrated. This bottle has a silicone bowl that flips up so they can drink without creating a mess. And any leftover water filters back into the bottle. No drop wasted.

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For when eating from your palm results in dropped chips…
Paper Plates
Grab a plate
$12/set of 8, Terrain

And to make cleanup way easier, make them paper. These flower ones are almost too cute to eat from. Almost.

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For when your phone speaker isn’t loud enough for everyone to hear…
Picnic Speaker
Turn the volume up
$25, Free People

This mini speaker can connect via Bluetooth. So hit shuffle on your summer Spotify playlist. Or Lady Gaga’s new album.

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For when your friend claims cheese boards are too bulky at a picnic…
Cheese Board
Bring a travel-sized one
$60, Macy's

And enjoy the brie. This compact one comes with three tools stored inside. So you can cut slices without struggling with a plastic knife. Life is gouda.

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For when you start sweating five minutes into the picnic…
Pocket Fan
Cool off
$22.95, Urban Outfitters

With a fan that fits in your bag. It’s rechargeable via USB and will make sitting outside that much more enjoyable. Feel the breeze.

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For when you’re looking to enjoy the outdoors but avoid the sun…
Umbrella Tent
Set up an umbrella
$76.95, Target

Well, an umbrella-tent. This one comes with stakes and tie-down cords. It’ll provide all the shade you could need. And has a travel bag. So no, you won’t be lugging it. Thankfully.

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For when you’re looking to enjoy the sun but avoid a nasty burn…
Apply sunscreen
$17+, Supergoop!

Consider it a no-brainer. This one is unscented and will provide broad spectrum SPF 40 protection that won’t leave you feeling greasy. It’s oil-free and can be applied under foundation. Game-changing.

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For when you want your picnic to be breakfast-themed with a morning brew…
Keep your coffee iced
$30, Anthropologie

This tumbler can keep drinks hot up to 12 hours and cold up to an entire day. So it’s perfect for tea, too. Or, you know, a cocktail. Start your day off right.

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For when you walked away from the last picnic with 20 new bug bites…
Keep ‘em away
$19.35, The Home Depot

This Thermacell lantern creates a 15-foot zone of mosquito protection so you can finally stop itching. Thanks to the repellent stored in the top. Plus, it can double as a handy light if you decide to sit past sundown. Sunset toast, anyone?

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For when your lunch consists of a salad that needs building…
Condiments Container
Pack your ingredients
$24.99, Bed Bath & Beyond

Maybe it’s a bit extra, but who says salads can’t travel? This container lets you pack your ingredients (cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas) on ice. So everything stays fresh. And your lettuce doesn’t get soggy. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

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For when you want to save your ice pops for later in the hang…
Ice Packs
Throw in some ice packs
$13.95/set of 4, Amazon

To keep things extra chilled. For up to eight hours. No matter the temp.

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PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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