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15 Things You Need to Prep for Thanksgiving Dinner

products to prep for thanksgiving dinner
Nov 6, 2020

IOHO (in our humble opinions), one of the best days of the year is approaching: Thanksgiving. And while this year will look different from years past, you’re probably still prepping for a meal. And maybe even a visitor.

That’s why we rounded up things to get you ready for the holiday. Whether you’re staying put and cooking in your own kitchen, hosting a small potluck, or heading to the home of another for a safe (but still mouth-watering) meal.

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If you’re cooking:

An apron to contain food spills and gravy splashes…

This one has a handy conversion chart, pockets, built-in pot holders, and a convenient hanging loop. It’s the personal kitchen assistant you’ve been dreaming about. ($45, Food52)

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A sweet potato biscuit mix to make the day of…

And devour in five minutes flat. Just add butter, milk, and a can of sweet potato puree. Top with jam (lots of jam) and boom – you’re ready to eat. ($12.95, Sassy Diva Design & Events)

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A meat thermometer so you get the main event just right…

And by main event, we mean the turkey. This waterproof, digital one gives you an accurate reading in just a few seconds. Chef’s kiss. ($17.95+, Amazon)

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A set of locking food containers to house all those yummy leftovers... 

Because we all know the next-day turkey sandwich is a must-have. And next-day biscuits. And the next-day slice of pie… ($21.29/set of 3, QVC)

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If you’re hosting:

A roomy serving platter to feed the entire family…

So you can all sit down and eat at the same time. Without having to continuously get up to take seconds (or thirds). Pair it with a serving bowl for salads and veggies. ($148, Tagliaferro Ceramics on Etsy)

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A cranberry and apple-scented candle to light when you wake up…

Mouth-watering smells from morning to night. This candle will get you in the eating mood and properly prep you for the feast ahead. ($13, Natural Annie Essentials)

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A set of turkey poppers to place around the table…

A holiday tradition you won’t wanna miss out on, these poppers can be pulled apart to reveal fun little games the family can enjoy during dessert. Just try to keep the competitive yelling at a minimum. ($26/set of 6, Meri Meri)

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A set of maple leaf plates to make cleanup quick and easy…

Made of eco-friendly paper, these disposable plates will get rid of the worst part of holiday meals (dishwashing). They’ll look cute on your table, and even cuter in the trash when you don’t need to stand over the sink scrubbing. ($9/set of 8, Meri Meri)

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If you’re attending:

A chic loungewear set you can definitely wear at the table…

Hello, stretchy pants. It’s us, taking our third helping of stuffing. Made from fabric that’s as soft as cashmere, this set (shirt here), is the perfect level of put together you need to be on Thanksgiving. And once you’re done with the meal, you can head to the couch without having to change. Bless. ($95/pants, Pairess)

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A package of cranberry pecan toffee to leave as a sweet gift…

This treat is an easy way to say ‘thanks’ to whoever is making your holiday meal. Just try not to steal any before handing over. ($20, Vosges)

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A wine carrier so you can bring a bottle with you…

Just in case you’re (safely) seeing family you haven’t in a while. A glass of wine can only make dinner better. ($39, Goodee)

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A scented hand sanitizer to keep in your pocket…

To clean your hands before and after eating, and whenever else you wanna use it. Its germ-fighting formula is combined with essential oils, so your hands smell good and feel soft. Safety before fun. ($12, Urban Outfitters)

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A pack of cocktail syrups if you’re seeing the entire fam over Zoom…

Someone take grandma off mute. With just a shot of liquor, these syrups will turn your drink into a delicious Moscow Mule, margarita, or old-fashioned. Bottoms up. ($35/set of 3, W&P Design)

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