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15 Totally Random Things That’ll Make You Smile

roundup of products that'll make you smile
Michele Rosenthal
Aug 27, 2020

2020 has been a year. And you could probably use some sort of a pick-me-up. These products are the perfect mix of fun, random, and cute to make you smile, laugh, and just ‘ooooh’ at. Because sometimes we just need a little retail therapy.

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For when childhood memories of drawing in your driveway are some of your fave…

Doodle more. This set has all new hues to really make your artwork pop. Plus the hexagonal box is just really cool. It’s like the adult version of your kiddie chalk set. ($30, Urban Outfitters)

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For when you barely get dressed up these days…

Change up your sunnies. Granted your outfit may consist of sweats, but at least your glasses are cute. We heart these frames. Pun intended. ($11.40, ASOS)

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For when your fur baby makes your heart swell each and every day…

Accessorize ‘em. We’re talking an adorable bandana that you can tie around your pet’s neck. And you thought they couldn’t get any cuter ... ($20, Gabe Jade Accessories on Etsy)

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For when adding a pop of jewelry makes you feel way more glam…

Put on earrings. And lift your spirits. These have smiley face confetti and gold hearts. You really can’t get much happier than that. ($26, Mulberry & Grand)

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For when you wanna relive some old, classic TV hits…

Hang with Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, and Blanche. You’ll get a 25-piece magnet set, a two-sided illustrated backdrop, and a 32-page book filled with iconic lines from the cast. Just in case you need a really good laugh. Which we all do from time to time. ($9.95, Cost Plus World Market)

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For when you’re looking to treat yourself in a small way…

Two words: gelly pens. And doodle away. It’ll be like you’re back in middle school. Sigh, simpler times. ($14.90/set of 10, Amazon)

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For when you’re not the only one who needs some cheering up…

Make your home happy. A little rainbow can go a long way. Pot of gold sold separately.($30, AllModern)

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For when you’ve been on your phone for way too long…

Put it down. And return to your roots. Aka, board games. Candy Land to be exact. Cue the nostalgia. ($28, MoMA Design Store)

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For when you wake up in a bad mood…

Restructure your thinking. Negative thoughts, be gone. These affirmation cards are beautifully detailed with small reminders that you are enough. Tape them to your mirror or keep them in places around the house to read throughout the day. Deep breath. ($22.95/set of 40, The Lamare on Etsy)

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For when your desk decor needs a little zhuzhing…

Enter the Goober candle. It’s small. It’s funky looking. It’s random. We adore it. ($24, Areaware)

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For when you wanna capture the moment you’re reunited with friends…

Snap it. With an instant camera that’s as easy as point and shoot. It has automatic exposure, vivid colors, and a selfie mode to produce the best photos possible. Smileeeee. ($59, Urban Outfitters)

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For when your little bundle starts wailing for the 800th time today…

Pray for a siesta. While we can’t quiet your bebé, we can suggest you outfit them in these hilarious and adorable booties. Because at least you’ll get a kick out of them. Taco ‘bout the need for some peace and quiet. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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For when you’re tired of doing puzzles of beach scenes…

Spice it up. We dare you to complete this puzzle without smiling. It features 500 pieces filled with your favorite characters. “Office” fans, unite. ($19.99, Firebox)

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For when quarantine has you spending your birthday at home…

Piñata time. Turn that frown upside down. Pack this mini piñata with candy and get to smashing. It’ll be cathartic, trust us. ($19, Felíz Modern)

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For when your morning coffee sets your mood for the day…

Sip with Lisa Frank. Electric colors? Check. Image of a baby tiger? Check. Her designs are iconic. Don’t @ us. ($20, Lisa Frank)

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PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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