16 Useful Products That Can Do Multiple Jobs

Published on: Oct 16, 2020fb-roundtwitter-roundemail-round
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Your hard-earned money is important to you. And you don’t wanna waste any cash on things that, well, don’t do their job well. 

Enter: products that are not only reliable, but are useful in more than one way. Because you wanna get your money’s worth. And find something that’s worth bragging about. We’ve got you covered.

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soap-dispensing brush for dishes
A scrubbing brush that also dispenses soap…

Dirty dishes are no match for this brush. Its nylon bristles will power through grease, while its built-in scraper will tackle caked-on food. Plus, you’ll be able to add soap with just a press of a button. ($8.99, Target)

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avocado tool to peel and slice avocados
An avocado tool that can cut, pit, and slice…

Avo toast for breakfast? Coming right up. This three-in-one tool will easily cut through the fruit’s skin, remove the pit, and create uniform slices fit for Instagram. Seriously. Your breakfast never looked this good. ($9.99, Target)

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coffee scoop that is also a bag clip
A coffee scoop that’ll double as a bag clip…

Start your morning off right thanks to this handy clip that’ll do two jobs for the price of one. Two important jobs. Because a fresh cup of coffee in the morning is essential. ($5, Urban Outfitters)

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kitchen tool that has multiple functions
A multi-tool that belongs in every kitchen…

Seriously. It’s a cheese grater, zester, garlic crusher, peeler, carving fork, stirring spoon, corkscrew, bottle opener, channel knife, serrated knife, small paring knife, and can opener. All in one. ($32, Uncommon Goods)

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tiny wallet-sized tool that has multiple functions
A credit card-sized tool that’ll fit in your wallet…

Because you always wanna be 100% prepared. This tiny tool has 12 functions for everyday needs. Like a letter opener, phone stand, and screwdriver. ($19.95, The Grommet)

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no touch tool to open doors
A no-touch door opener that can also act as a stylus…

Touching random doors and keypads? No, thank you. Limit the amount of things you make contact with thanks to this keychain. Goodbye, icky germs. ($9.75/2, Amazon)

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kitchen utensil that can do multiple things
A five-in-one utensil every cook should be using…

We’re talking slotted spoon, solid spoon, spatula, turner, and cutting tool. Meal prep has never been this easy. ($19.25, Amazon)

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glossier lip balm that can also work as a skin salve
A universal balm that’ll work on your lips (and everywhere else)...

It’s got antioxidants to relieve dryness. It also comes in flavors, or you can stick with the original formula and use it on your hands, elbows, and feet. The beeswax will act as a protective barrier over your skin. ($12, Glossier)

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charging hub for phone, airpods, and apple watach
A power pad that can charge three devices at once…

Like AirPods, an iPhone (or Android), and an Apple Watch. No more low battery warnings. ($100, Case-Mate)

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jewelry stand that also has a mirror
A jewelry stand that also has a convenient mirror…

Because sometimes putting in earrings or clasping a necklace behind your head is incredibly tricky. Now you can keep your most-worn pieces all in one place. Easy peasy. ($29, Urban Outfitters)

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candle holders for both pillars and tea lights
A holder that can fit two different types of candles…

Aka, both pillars and tea lights. So your holiday table will look beyond chic. Just flip ‘em over if you want a change. ($34/set of 3, Food52)

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toothbrush holder that also dispenses toothpaste
A toothbrush holder that also dispenses toothpaste…

Welcome to the one-stop shop. This wall unit can hold up to five toothbrushes, two bottles of toothpaste, and four cups for gargling and rinsing. You’ll get every bit of toothpaste out without having to squeeze the bottle yourself. ($19.99+, Amazon)

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tech pouch that can hold charing cables and much more
A tech pouch that can hold just about anything…

Charging cable? Check. Headphones? Check. Credit card and ID? Also check. It’s ideal for travel, car trips, and everything else in-between. Score. ($29, Day Owl)

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multi use pen for projects
A multi-use pen that’ll become your BFF during DIY projects…

It features a ruler, level, screwdriver, and stylus. Time to get to work. ($25, Uncommon Goods)

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blow dryer that is also a hair brush for blowouts
A blow-dryer that’s also a brush for salon-like blowouts…

And no, you don’t have to be an expert to use it. It features three heat and speed settings, plus a cool option for styling. The oval design helps to smooth your locks and create volume. Hello, good hair days. ($44.99, Ulta Beauty)

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over the sink strainer that is also a cutting board
An over-the-sink strainer board so you can wash and chop veggies…

It’ll rest securely over your sink so you can wash, strain, and chop all in one place. Cleanup will be truly minimal. You love to see it. ($19.99, Amazon)

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