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What to Buy to Make Pet Parenthood Way Easier

problem-solving pet products for cats and dogs
Wild One
Oct 30, 2020

We consider pets another member of the fam. Uber adorable, loyal, and the best snuggle partners around, we take fur parenting v seriously. 

But that doesn’t mean they’re always the easiest (hi, hair everywhere and stains you didn’t ask for). Which is why we rounded up problem-solving products to keep them (and you) happy and healthy.

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A dog carrier backpack that’ll come in handy for bike rides and hikes…

Because sometimes your pup just can’t keep up (even on four legs). This carrier is secure and features ventilated side panels. The shoulder straps are also padded so your back won’t be aching after a few minutes. Get moving. ($49.95, K9 Sport Sack)

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A three-part feeding system to help with picky eaters…

Or animals who don’t want to eat their food because of icky medication flavors. Tasty human food goes in the bottom compartment (don’t worry, it’s locked in). Pet kibble goes in the top compartment. The smell of human food helps to motivate your pet to eat. Voilà. ($16.99+, Enjoy-A-Bowl)

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A pack of eucalyptus grooming wipes for rolls in the mud…

Take a deep breath the next time your pet lunges for a puddle. These wipes are hypoallergenic, alcohol-, and chemical-free. You can use them on both their paws and coat. Looking (and smelling) fresh. ($16, Wild One)

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An allergy supplement to soothe seasonal irritation, support digestion, and boost coat health…

You’re not the only one who itches and sneezes because of allergies. These chews can help with coat licking and biting. They also feature a blend of probiotics and salmon oil (for smooth fur). Goodbye, ruff life. ($24.97+, Amazon)

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A rubber broom that’ll pick up fur like a dream...

We’re talking magic. It’ll work on carpet, tile, and wood floors. When you’re done, place the broom under running water to wash. It’s that easy. ($12.98, Amazon)

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A pad that can soak up pet stains with minimal effort on your end...

Seriously. Lay one of these pads on the stain and press down with your foot. The formula will be released into the rug. Wait about 30 minutes and then remove. Presto. ($24.99/pack of 20, Amazon)

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A no-rinse dry shampoo for cats that really hate water…

Finally a solution to squirming pets that would rather do anything else than take a bath. The foam solution is made with aloe vera, vitamin E, and oatmeal. It can be massaged directly into your cat’s fur with no rinse necessary. Phew. ($6.35, Amazon)

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An anti-fungal shampoo that can fight more than coat itchiness…

But also rash, dandruff, and dry skin. It can also help prevent fleas and ticks. It’s a definite go-to. ($18.99, Nova West Supplies)

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A commuter carrier for when you’re on-the-go…

This one has a cushioned base, non-slip straps, and a little cut-out so your pupper can see where you’re going. It’s also water-resistant and made with a structured body so it won’t fall over on your pet. ($125, Wild One)

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A moisturizing lotion for their snout and paws…

Dry, cracking skin? No, thank you. This will help their sensitive spots stay protected and smooth. Because they deserve multiple snoot boops. ($10, Pardo Naturals)

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An eye rinse for pets that get tear stains and morning mucus…

It can help ward off eye infections. And help soothe irritation from pollen and air pollution. Hello, bright eyes. ($4.74, Amazon)

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A glove brush for pets that get too spooked at the groomer…

Time to DIY. The gloves work on long- or short-haired dogs, cats, and horses. The petting motion helps soothe them and clean their coat at the same time. ($13.99, Amazon)

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A slow feeder bowl for pets that devour their kibble way too quickly…

Because slow eating can help digestion and decrease bloat. The grooves act like a mini maze, so your pet will have to search for food. Not just gobble it down in a few bites. ($9.13+, Amazon)

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A seat-belt attachment to keep your pet from sliding around the car…

One side of this attachment connects to a leash, while the other can be buckled into your car’s back seat. It’s road trip time. ($10.99, Kurgo)

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A silent pet tag to stop that annoying jingle from happening all the time...

Aka, the silent option every pet owner has been dreaming about. The tag glows in the dark and is fade-proof, too. Totally pawsome. ($20, The Grommet)

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A ball launcher for when your pup has endless energy...

You wanna sit down, but they want another round of fetch. This automatic launcher will send your pooch’s ball flying 10, 20, or 30 feet. Your shoulder thanks you. ($200, The Grommet)

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A puffer vest for particularly cold days…

No more shivering and shaking. This one snaps in the front and is washable. So if your doggo decides to roll, it won’t be a pain to clean. ($85, Maxbone)

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A cat treat to help with joint and bone health…

Packed with nutrients, these purees will keep your feline friend in top shape. Because a healthy pet is a happy pet. ($15.50, Cat Person)

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PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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