What You Need to Make Holiday Travel Easier (and Safer)

products to help you travel safely this holiday season
Day Owl
Nov 6, 2020

There’s a lot going on this holiday season. And if you’re making the trip back home or to visit relatives, you’ll want to do so safely. (For more information, check out the CDC’s recommendations on how to travel during the pandemic.)

To get you started, we gathered products to fly and drive with. And a few things you’ll need if a visitor is coming to you. Mask up and get your hand sanitizer ready.

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If you’re flying:

For when you wanna watch a movie to help pass the time...

Set up your device. This attachable card wallet folds out to double as a stand. It can fit three cards and can act as a grip while you’re walking through the airport. No more holding your phone in your lap mid-air. ($15, Haerfest)

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For when you gotta rely on snacks from home instead of the airport bar…

Pack your own. But inside a leak-proof container that’s eco-friendly, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe. It’s big enough for a salad, but small enough to keep in a backpack. ($30, W&P Design)

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For when you want extra gloves, hand sanitizer, and disinfectant wipes close by…

Prep a necessities pouch. But one that is clear. This set includes three different sizes, the smallest being TSA-friendly for carry-on toiletries. Say hello to your in-air travel buddy. ($24.95/set of 3, Bloomingdale’s)

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For when you want a bit more coverage…

Wear a face shield. Reminder: this doesn’t replace the need of a face mask, but it is a second layer in front of your face. This one connects to a baseball cap for easy wear (and can be removed). ($35, Shopbop)

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For when you need to use the restroom just before you board…

Avoid touching doors. Consider it the new alternative to using your hands. This keychain is shaped to fit around handles. The stylus end can be used on ATM keypads and elevator buttons. And the shorter hook is a bottle opener. Aka, your go-to tool. ($3.33+, S3Holding on Etsy)

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For when you need to charge your phone mid-flight…

Collect your wires. This pouch will keep everything in one place: wires, adapters, and random must-haves like lip balm. So you don’t have to fumble while the seatbelt sign is on. ($29, Day Owl)

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If you’re driving:

For when you’ve got a sea of wrappers sitting below your feet…

Collect your trash. You can attach this mini garbage to the back of your passenger seat. So you’ll have a place to put chewed gum and used napkins. P.S. throwing stuff in the back doesn’t count. Stop doing that. ($10.97, Amazon)

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For when you wanna stay hydrated throughout the drive…

Fill your bottle. This one holds 20-ounces and can collapse down when you’re finished and need to throw it in your bag. ($25, Stojo)

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For when the entire crew wants to charge their phone at the same time…

Split the juice. And charge five devices at once. No matter the type. Yes, Androids included. ($21.99, Amazon)

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For when you get a bit hangry a couple hours into the drive…

Reenergize with some snacks. This pack has the best of the best (organic, all-natural, and non-GMO goodies). Like cheesy popcorn, BBQ kettle chips, and peanut brittle. Munch away. ($70, Mouth)

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For when you need to stop for gas…

Wear a mask. If you exit the car, you gotta put one on. These cotton masks come in a ton of different patterns and are washable, but aren’t medical-grade. (So they don’t have room for filters.) ($15+, Vintage Royalty on Etsy)

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For when your little one really, really needs to go…

Bring a potty. Seriously. This one folds out to be a standalone toilet, or can rest on public toilets for sanitary on-the-go use. It’ll come with disposable bags that can be tossed before getting back in the car. ($19.99, Target)

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If someone is coming to you:

For when you’ve got a couple people sitting around the table...

Clean, clean, clean. This sanitizing box is roomy enough to fit TV remotes, pacifiers, tablets, and more. So everyone can get in on the UV light action. ($199.95, PhoneSoap)

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A couple hand sanitizers to give out to whoever enters…

You get one, and you get one… Everyone gets one. BTW, for every purchase, one sanitizer gets donated to GetUsPPE.com. So frontline workers can be (and stay) properly equipped. ($15/5, Free People)

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PPS: If something’s out of stock, oops, it was there when we published. And we apologize for any shipping delays due to COVID-19. Thanks.

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