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The Best Wine Bottle Openers to Uncork With

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Aug 22, 2018

Summer's wine-ding down. Heavy on the wine. Whether you're relaxing with a glass of vino or a yoga class. Here are our favorite wine bottle openers...

For the person who considers themselves a professional drinker...

Don’t wait on this one. HiCoup’s Waiter’s Corkscrew is designed for professionals who need a reliable and compact opener on hand. There are no bells and whistles, so you won’t have to worry about technical difficulties when wine tasting from your couch.

theSkimm: Meet the Standing Forward Bend of wine bottle openers. It doesn’t look like much, but works hard and folds to fit just about anywhere.Loading Spinner

For the person whose eyes don’t reach the bottom shelf…

This opener is hop notch. The Rabbit 6-Piece is a must-have for any grapeologist. It’s designed to remove corks in 3 seconds and has a ton of (necessary?) tools, like a drip-stop ring and wax remover. PS: You’ve probably come across this fave at your parent's or grandparent’s house. The Rabbit is a higher price point than many on our list.

theSkimm: Meet the Crane Crow Pose of wine bottle openers. Easier to use than it looks. Loading Spinner

For the person who's always cleaning...

Meet the Monica Geller of wine openers. The Wine Enthusiast Opener and Preserver works like a vacuum that sucks up your cork and saves it in the (unlikely) event that you don’t finish the bottle. It’s effortless to use and comes with a charging dock that looks good on your counter, too. PS: it’s electric, so these start at a steeper price than manual openers.

theSkimm: Meet the Cobra Pose of wine bottle openers. Its sleek and beginner friendly. Loading Spinner

For the person who keeps skipping AM workouts...

You'll still be able to muscle open this bottle. The HiCoup All-In-One Corkscrew has butterfly wings that give you more leverage. It’s also ergonomically designed so your hands can continue doing what they’re supposed to: elegantly holding wine glasses, not wrestling corks out of bottles.

theSkimm: Meet the Side Plank of wine bottle openers. It takes the basic bottle opener to the next level. Loading Spinner

For the person who drinks a glass after a long day…

This will relieve the pressure. Literally. The VinoNinja Cork Popping Opener opens wine bottles with science and a bit of elbow grease. Slide the pin into the cork and pump the handle a few times to pop it right off. Hold the dirty joke. Bonus: this method makes sure you don’t get any broken corks in your vino.

theSkimm: Meet the Supported Headstand of wine bottle openers. After a few tries, you’ll work it out—and once you do, you’ll look suuuper cool. Loading Spinner

For the person who chooses their bottle by the label art…

Drink your eyes on this. If you prefer to clink with a crowd, the Wine Enthusiast Legacy Corkscrew is more than just the perfect icebreaker. Mount the bronze corkscrew to your counter and pull the lever. Voila. Instagram boomerang video gold. Oh, and there’s wine, too.

theSkimm: Meet the Lord of the Dance Pose of wine bottle openers. Looking like you know how to use it will give you major points. Loading Spinner

For the person who doesn’t mind boxed wine...

Sometimes you don’t need to think outside of the box when it comes to a good thing. The Truetap Double Hinged Corkscrew is super affordable and comes in a variety of colors. We recommend the teal blue.

theSkimm: Meet the Downward Facing Dog Pose of wine bottle openers. This opener is super popular—even if you don’t drink, you’ve probably got one in your house. Loading Spinner

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