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Winter Workout Clothes and Accessories That’ll Keep You Warm

the best winter workout clothes and accessories
Design: theSkimm | Photo: Lululemon, Goal Five
Feb 3, 2022

If you live in an area where frigid winter temps just won’t let up, it may be hard to even imagine yourself heading outside for a workout. And given Covid-19 variants popping up, you may be hesitant to step inside your local gym. To set you up for success, we rounded up workout clothes and accessories you’ll need to make your winter fitness routine doable — and enjoyable. 

We’re talking items that are warm, fleece-lined, and can be layered. Plus a few helpful extras (hello, touchscreen gloves). Whether you’re hiking, running, or going for a dog walk, we’ve gotchu. Psst: There are many advantages to moving your body (like boosted memory and mood), so read here for the lowdown.

A long-sleeve top that’ll act as your base layer…

This buttery-soft shirt isn’t too tight or too loose. It’s more fitted through the chest, but opens up near the waist so you’ll have room to twist and turn. The sleeves have thumbholes, so you won’t have to deal with ‘em riding up underneath a heavier second layer. We’ve worn it through full strength workouts and have to say — it’s the softest workout shirt we’ve ever tested, and comfortable enough to lounge in. ($49, Goal Five)

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A hooded sweatshirt with zippered pockets…

When you’re venturing outside for a winter workout, you’re likely gonna need a second layer to keep you from freezing. This hoodie is made from organic cotton and recycled polyester. Plus, it’s available in a range of sizes, from XS–6X. It’s got thumbholes, a mock neck, and a reflective bungee cord at the hood so you can adjust accordingly. Aka if you wanna keep cold air out, you can tighten the cord for a snug fit. ($79, TomboyX)

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Or a fleece half-zip that’s streamlined to the body…

This one has reflective details, which help with visibility during early-morning or late-evening jogs. The brushed fleece interior will provide warmth, so whether you’re going for a longer hike or running sprints across a field, you’ll be shielded from the elements. Customers rave about weight and fit, saying it’s comfortable and snug. Heads-up, though — the neck doesn’t extend very high, so if you don’t want cold air slipping in, we suggest adding a scarf. ($34.99+, Amazon)

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Allbirds running shoes made from renewable materials…

Thoroughly tested by both pro and amateur runners, these sneakers have serious support and cushioning ideal for road running. The midsole is made from sugarcane, while the body of the sneaker is made from eucalyptus trees. We’ve been running in them for weeks and find them to be extremely lightweight, breathable, and comfortable. PS: We’ve also tested them on different surfaces and never felt any ankle or knee pain. ($99, Allbirds)

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A reversible sherpa jacket that’ll cover your behind…

Winter workouts are all about layers. This option can be treated as a midlayer, but could also act as your outer layer if you’re in a warmer climate. It’s made from 100% biodegradable polyester and can be worn in two ways: Wear the sherpa lining on the inside if there’s a chill in the air, or keep it on the outside if the temps aren’t too brutal. It’s available in three colors and six sizes. ($198, Fourlaps)

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High-quality tech gloves so your fingers don’t go numb…

These are touch-sensitive all over — not just at the fingertips — and come with an anti-slip palm grip so your device won’t fall into a pile of slush. Whether you need to control your playlist for your winter run or just need to update the group chat, these are reliable gloves to have in your pocket. They also have an inner lining so your fingers will be warm while on the go. ($13.95, Amazon)

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Sporty ear-warmer headbands for those chilly park jogs…

No more ‘I can’t feel my ears when I’m with you’ moments after coming home from a run. These fleece headbands get bigger around the ear area so they’ll actually cover ’em and won’t accidentally slide around while you’re moving. They have high elasticity too so will stretch to fit your head comfortably and sit perfectly around your ponytail. No headaches or earaches here, thank you very much. PS: If you’re more of a beanie person, check out this one. ($13.99/3 pack Amazon)

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An elevated fanny pack that holds all the essentials... 

No one could have predicted the return of the fanny pack would be so strong. But here we are, with so many stylish options. The Lululemon version is great for walks or toting the essentials to workouts — but sleek enough to wear out to brunch after, too. It’s also made from water-repellent material, so your stuff will be safe no matter what the elements (or a spilled mimosa) bring. ($38, Lululemon)

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Fleece-lined leggings to wear on hikes or as a base layer while skiing…

Yes, it’s freezing outside, but you still need your outdoor time. These leggings are high-waisted, have two side pockets, and include a hidden waistband pocket for a key. Customers love them, raving about their thickness and warmth. Your legs will be insulated so you can enjoy your time spent outside despite a chill in the air. ($27.99+, Amazon)

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An underwire sports bra for maximum support...

Raise your hand if you’ve shied away from high-impact activities because of your boobs. Try this one, then give us a call. It combines everyday comfort with maximum coverage. The underwire sits on the outside of your bra and helps to reduce movement. And its moisture-wicking fabric and mesh back will keep you dry during your sweat sesh. It ranges from C through I cups and sizes 32–42, plus its G- and H-cup sizes come with extra support in the cups. Winner, winner, chicken dinner. ($34+, Wacoal)

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Ribbed, high-rise compressive leggings from Girlfriend Collective…

Say hello to sweat-wicking, squat-proof, and comfortable leggings that are ideal for high-intensity workouts. They’re soft to the touch so if you end up wearing them purely for couch lounging — we won’t blame ya. They’re made from 83% recycled plastic bottles, aka you’re doing the environment a solid when you wear ’em. We’ve tried them and absolutely love them. They’re definitely high-waisted so if you decide to get the matching bra, you’ll still get lots of coverage. ($88, Girlfriend Collective)

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A fleece vest that’s warm without the extra bulk…

This piece looks very light, but looks can be deceiving — it’s designed for cold weather. Customers love it for running since it’s not particularly weighty. You’ll still have full range of motion in your arms, so it’s ideal if you’re picking up dumbbells too. The front pockets are also bigger than they appear, so you can easily fit a phone and keys. Since it is pretty slim, we suggest sizing up. ($119, Athleta)

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Thermal wool socks to keep your toes warm…

There are a few things you need to pay special attention to when exercising outside, one of the most important being your toes. If they’re icy, you’ll be distracted the entire time. These socks are 80% merino wool, with a reinforced heel and toe for increased durability. Translation: no annoying holes. ($19.99/3 pack, Amazon)

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A double-layered cotton face mask so you can stay protected…

This non-medical mask has adjustable ear loops and is pretty lightweight. Since it’s reusable, you can pop it in the wash after you get a bit sweaty. It’s always a good idea to keep a face mask on you, especially if you’re moving through a crowded outdoor area. If you need to pop into your corner store, you’ll have one at the ready too. ($14.99, Blue Bear Protection)

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