Skimm'd from the Couch: Leah Busque Solivan

"I would look at everything in my life and question, like, 'Is there a solution here? Is there something to build here?'" the TaskRabbit founder said.

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Leah Busque Solivan is an engineer and entrepreneur. In 2008, she became a rising star of the gig economy when she quit her job at IBM to found TaskRabbit, the mobile and online marketplace that hooks you up with people to help with everything from picking up your laundry to building your furniture.

She sold her baby to IKEA in 2017 and now she’s using her expertise to help other startups as General Partner at the venture capital firm, Fuel Capital. On the Couch, Leah talks to us about how she hired her first 30 task rabbits (11:45), why it was hard for her to celebrate success (18:00), what pushed her to the edge (23:20) and how she helps new entrepreneurs learn to take a break (30:20).

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Leah Busque Solivan


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