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We see you, expired workout class credits. Because when it comes to living healthier maybe you lean into the ‘leisure' in athleisure.

For when walking into Whole
Foods counts as eating healthy...

OV Flamingo

Step one is showing up. Get those gams moving (up and down the aisles) in Outdoor Voices Leggings. These are the bestsellers that’ll give you Insta cred. Get them in seasonal colors before they’re inevitably sold out.

For when you wake up to 1000
work emails...


OM my god. Release some of that stress with the Headspace App. It teaches you how to meditate to improve your focus, sleep habits, and anxiety levels. Practically all of Skimm HQ has this downloaded, and Skimm'rs get their first month free. All together now.

For when you pretend to have an
injury so you can skip bootcamp...

Allbirds Wool Runner

We’ll help you pull the wool over their eyes…with these wool sneakers. All your friends are into Allbirds because they’re cozy, odor reducing, and lightweight. They’re also considered “runners” but aren’t exactly made for running. Just looking like you’re a runner.

For when someone mentions their steps...

FitBit charge 2

I see your steps and raise you a pretty fitness tracker. The Fitbit Charge 2 is a fave accessory for those looking to track their progress. It’s affordable, syncs wirelessly to your other devices, and can even tell you about your sleeping habits.

For when the trendy smoothie
bar has a line out the door…

Breakfast Bowls Daily Harvest

Your freezer can help you eat healthier in half the time. Daily Harvest delivers pre-portioned and nutritionist-approved frozen fruits and veggies right to your door. All you have to do is mix them up and you’ll be on your way. Blend and snap works every time.

For when you look like you’re
headed to barre but are actually
just going to brunch...


Caraa and Athleta go together like bacon and eggs. This sleek Convertible Backpack is one Skimm HQr’s fave carryall. It has compartments to store whatever you need -- including a separate one for your shoes, and an outer pouch that can be used as a clutch or crossbody bag. Plié-z and thank you.

For when you bring a sweater for
the office AC and then are sweating outside...

Native Deo Strawberry Rhubarb

You’re hot then you’re cold. Here’s something that’ll make sure you stay dry through the temp mood swings. Native deodorant leaves your underarms spotless and keeps you fresh—without parabens or aluminum.

For when you want to quit during
warm-up but finish your workout strong…

swell ombre

All's well that ends well. Make yourself stick with it by staying hydrated with a water bottle you love. Skimm HQ is obsessed with S’well bottles because they keep your bevs cool and are condensation free (aka they won’t sweat in your hands or in your bag). The patterns in their new Solstice collection don't hurt either.

For when they say ‘today’s class is canceled’...

Bose Sport In-ear

Like music to my ears. Do your happy dance while plugged into these Bose SoundSport Free Headphones. They screw right into your ear, so they won’t budge while you do the running man back home. Bonus: they’re sweat and water resistant.

For when someone asks if you
know what tinctures are...

Dandelion Tincture

I tinct I do. Tinctures are liquid herbal extracts and an old-school way to potentially help with things like mood and body aches. This one comes from fresh dandelion flowers, and it’s been said it can help calm your gut down. Bloat, bye.

For when your favorite part of
spin is the playlist...


Tap it back and torq it out with Aaptiv. You get unlimited access to tons of workouts guided by trainers for a fraction of the cost you’d pay at that boutique gym. The best part is you can even select classes based on the type of music you want to listen to. Odds are you’ll have this app on heavy rotation.

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