Best Wallets for Women: Our Favorites

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They say money talks. But so does your wallet...even before you open it up. Whether you’re a receipt hoarder, a coin-carrier, or an Apple Pay enthusiast, wWe picked our favorite wallets

For the person who loves making perfectly folded edges…

Think of this wallet as a dresser for your cash. AllSaints’s compact card holder is small enough to fit in your back pocket, but thick enough to hold your essentials. Bonus: the word “fetch” is in the wallet’s name. Paging Gretchen Weiners.

AllSaints Card Holder

theSkimm: If ‘meal prep’ sounds doable for this week’s lunch and you make your bed every AM...this one’s for you.

For the person who’s still into millennial pink…

Pinking you should get this wallet. It’s inspired by one of our fave Frye boots, this durable leather wallet comes in millennial pink (aka the color of the century). Plus, it’s big enough to tote like a clutch. Yee-haw.

Frye Pink Wallet

theSkimm: If you’re into mom jeans and immediately need to scuff up a new pair of white sneakers...this one’s for you.

For the person who spends a whole paycheck on vacation clothes...

Say Aloha to DVF’s striped wallet. It’s made of raffia, aka dried out palm strands that look like fashionable scarecrow hair. We’re into the tropical vibes and think the snap closure makes a super satisfying noise.

DVF Raffia Wallet

theSkimm: If you own a crochet top (or ten)...this one’s for you.

For the MOH of your friend group...

Compartmentalize your to-do list. Literally. This wallet has enough pockets, slots, and sections to store everything from a stick of gum to hand sanitizer to a pen. Bonus: your wallet feels heavier for another reason. It’s the most affordable of the bunch.

Yaluxe Genuine Leather Wallet

theSkimm: If you sign up for rewards programs wherever you go and raise your hand when your co-worker asks for a Tide to-go stick...this one’s for you.

For the person who’s one step up from a money clip…

Ain’t nobody got time for a multifold wallet. ‘No receipt plz’ shoppers will be seeing green with this cardholder. It has six slots to fit everything from your ID to your metro card, and the top slot it perfect for folded bills.

Axel Arigato Card Holder

theSkimm: If your desk is *flawless* and you’re allergic to clutter...this one’s for you.

For the person who wants to feel like Olivia Benson...

Flash your badge. This classic wallet is less clunky than others and thin enough to slip into a clutch, or trench pocket. It’s sleek (hi, calf leather), packed with double faced slots, and has a clear space to stick your ID in.

Coach Skinny Wallet Calf Leather

theSkimm: If you know NSEW directions without having to open Google Maps...this one’s for you.

For the person who carries a bucket bag...

Throw your goods in this one, too. It’ll sort itself out. We like the zipper closure on this Tory Burch wallet because you can get away with cramming things like mints, bobby pins, and lipstick into it. Think: things that do not belong in your wallet. But you do you.

Tory Burch Fleming Zip Continental

theSkimmYour wallet if you’re constantly running late. Spoiler: your friend knew you would be so she went ahead and ordered you a marg.

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