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Why We Skimm Money

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Mar 30, 2021

The Story

Women earn less, have more debt, and are likely to have less money in the bank than men. And that was true even before the pandemic and “shecession” hit.

Well, that sucks.

Yeah. But just because you're starting from behind doesn't mean you have to stay there. Learning about money – from how news affects you to how to financially prepare for big life moments – is a step toward getting ahead.

Can you Skimm it for me?

We can Skimm money together. We've already covered a wide range of topics, from how climate change and low interest rates affect your wallet to how to save more money and what it really costs to add a tiny plus-one to your fam.

Oh, and we've also got a virtual event series called SkimmU that'll teach you the money lessons you wish your alma mater did. And we'll send the most important money news and tips of the week to your inbox every Friday to help you make confident financial decisions and hit all your long-term money goals.

I like the sound of that. Talk more about my money goals.

You tell us. Because only you can decide how best to put your money to good use. That means setting priorities for how you save and spend and making sure those priorities align with your big-picture values. But here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Start an emergency fund. Because sh*t happens. Thanks for the reminder, coronavirus. Eventually, you’ll want at least three months’ worth of take-home pay saved. But whatever you can afford to put away now can be a good starter cushion to help soften the blow when expensive surprises hit.

  • Pay off high-interest debt. Think: credit card debt, personal loans, and anything else that's dragging you down. The faster you get out of debt, the less interest you’ll pay.

  • Level up. With your high-interest debt gone (congrats), you can focus on  everything else: crossing the emergency fund finish line, paying off low-interest debt, aaaand the fun stuff. Like buying a home, starting a biz, taking a trip or retiring (one day).


You’ve got a vision for your life: where you’ll live, the places you’ll visit, and what you’ll do. Now you need to get your money in order so you can make those dreams a reality. And we're here to help. Let’s go.

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