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The Story

Melinda Gates knows the ins and outs of being a successful career woman.

Duh. It's Melinda Gates.

Exactly. But here's what you may not know...before she was a co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and writing her latest book “The Moment of Lift,” she was one of the few women MBAs at a small startup at the time. You may of heard of it: Microsoft. While a product manager, she worked on something called Microsoft Bob. According to Melinda, it was an “utter and complete failure.” But hey, the world has Comic Sans to thank from it.

I have mixed feelings about Comic Sans.

Don't we all. But put those to the side and listen to what Melinda has to share about striving in your career. Starting with: be yourself. If you are able to do what you’re truly passionate about and be yourself at home and at the office, then that opens the door to be truly being fulfilled.

Interesting. I have some changes to make.

Well, she’s got some tips for that as well. When it comes to a career switch, the first you need to know is that you can learn just about anything. As a computer scientist turned philanthropist, Melinda had to dive into some biology … not exactly her background. If you set your mind to it, and spend a lot of time researching, you can do anything.

Even if I never really caught on to the whole “science” thing?

Especially in science. Melinda says that STEM (think: science, tech, engineering, and math) jobs are some of the best in our society and they are creating the future for our entire lives. So it’s incredibly important that everyone, especially women, has a seat at the table.


Melinda Gates knows the art of the career switch. She’s been a product manager , a philanthropist and now an author. In all of her career experience,she learned the value of being yourself and giving back. Watch what else she had to say here.