How I Paid Off $100K of Student Loan Debt

1 min read|Jul 24, 2019|fbtwitteremail

The Story

Student loans are a thing.

Tell us something we don’t know. 

It’s possible to pay them off.

I’m listening.

Being in debt can be stressful AF. Skimm'r Autumn gets it. The physician assistant graduated with $100K of student loans. If she’d just made minimum payments, it would have taken her 10 years to pay them all off. And she’d have spent $27K on interest. But she made a plan to pay them off fast that saved her thousands along the way.

Tell me more.

Autumn paid off her student loans in 20 months and only paid $3K in interest. Here’s how she got there:

  • Tracking her money: She used an online budget calculator to better understand where her money was going, and how she could cut back.

  • Spending smarter: She brought meals to work, didn’t buy new clothing for about three years, and even thrifted her wedding dress.

  • Refinancing: Autumn was able to lower her interest rate from 7.4% to 3.4%. And saved a LOT of money as a result.


Everyone’s student loan story is different. But it can help to see other people who’ve been where you are. And maybe borrow some of their tips, too.

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