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Daily Skimm: Robert Mueller, Breast Implants, and Tinder's International Update

Robert Mueller
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Jul 25, 2019


The Story

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo Rosselló is putting in his notice.

Some background wouldn’t hurt.

Rosselló has been in office for more than two years and had to deal with the destruction of Hurricane Maria. He’d been facing calls to resign after a government corruption scandal that resulted in at least two arrests. But then…”Chatgate.”

Anything with “gate” seems to be bad.

This one at least is. Earlier this month, private chats between Rosselló and others in his inner circle were published, including crude, homophobic, and misogynistic language.

Guessing that didn’t make people happy.

That’s an understatement. For over a week, Puerto Ricans have been engaged in mass protests, calling on him to step down. That’s even after he announced he wouldn’t run for re-election in 2020 and also quit as president of his party. So, Puerto Rico’s legislature stepped in.


Yesterday, it announced it would start impeachment proceedings against him if he didn’t resign.

That’s one way to handle it.

And an effective way apparently. Late last night, he said that the calls for his resignation were overwhelming and that he’d “received them with highest degree of humility.” He will resign August 2 – the first governor to do so in the modern history of the US territory. It’s still unclear who his successor will be at this point, but it could go to the justice secretary. People were cheering and singing after Rosselló’s announcement.


After days of intense protests, the people of Puerto Rico made themselves heard.


Who’s coming out of the shadows…

Former special counsel Robert Mueller. After months of pleading, Mueller showed up on Capitol Hill to answer lawmakers’ questions about his 448-page report. The one that found that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, but that didn’t find that President Trump conspired or coordinated to win. And looked into 10 instances to figure out whether Trump obstructed justice but didn’t reach a conclusion on that. Mueller warned lawmakers that he wasn’t going to say much more than what was in his report…and he wasn’t lying.

  • The biggest hits: He backtracked after seeming to imply that a DOJ policy against indicting sitting presidents was the reason he didn’t charge President Trump. He criticized Trump for embracing WikiLeaks during the campaign. He said Trump could theoretically be prosecuted after he leaves office. And that Russian efforts to interfere in the election were “among the most serious” challenges to our democracy.

  • What’s next: Mueller’s testimony wasn’t a huge bombshell moment and is making impeachment talks look much less likely for Dems. Republicans are saying ‘great, can we move on now?’

What has the health world talking…

This recall. Yesterday, Allergan said it’s voluntarily recalling a specific form of textured breast implants after the FDA requested the move. Why? Because it’s tied to an increased risk of cancer of the immune system. There have been a total of 573 cases of this type of cancer documented worldwide. Of those, 84% have been attributed to Allergan’s implants in particular. 33 people have died – at least 12 of whom had Allergan breast implants. Now, the company says it will no longer distribute or sell that specific implant.

  • Before you WebMD it: The FDA isn’t recommending people rush to get the implants removed unless they’re experiencing symptoms – which could happen years after the implant. If you’re experiencing swelling or pain, talk to your doctor.

Who’s getting a second chance in the justice system…

Meek Mill. In 2009, the rapper was sentenced to up to almost two years in prison and seven years of probation for gun and drug charges. Fast forward to 2017, when Meek was sentenced to up to four years in prison for violating probation. Many spoke up to defend him, saying ‘no way this is fair.’ He was released last year on bail. Now, a court’s granting him a retrial for his years-old conviction because the only witness against him was a police officer found to have committed theft – making him a “discredited” witness. Meek says he’s “ecstatic that justice prevailed.” 

…Oh and A$AP Rocky was charged with assault in Sweden today. The American rapper has been detained there for weeks related to a street fight. Many – including President Trump – have been calling for his release. He could face a max of two years in prison.

When you’re the type of person that actually creates difficult passwords…

What’s good Facebook? Yesterday, the FTC approved a $5 billion settlement with the company for mishandling users’ data. This was the FTC’s largest fine ever. But some say it’s pocket change for Facebook and not nearly enough to phase the company. Facebook also confirmed that the agency is looking into whether it violated antitrust law. Beyond the FTC, Facebook settled with the SEC on a similar issue. But in good Facebook news…it can’t hear the haters. 

Skimm This: Our daily podcast – which, heyyyy, just produced its 100th episode – goes deep on the story.

Who’s got your back…

Tinder. It’ll now warn LGBTQ+ users if the country they’re in might not be safe due to discriminatory laws.

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