Acronyms You Pretend to Know


TFW a YoPro convo gets confusing. ICYMI this is your FYI on acronyms. Get informed AF.

HBIC: Head b*tch in charge. As in your boss, Regina George, or German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Das diversity.

FTW: For the win. As in the one you see after things that are, yup, winning. Golden State Warriors FTW, Amal Clooney FTW.

NSFW: Not safe for work. As in porn. Or that sh*tty, f****ing email from your friend.

YoPro: Young professional. Feel free to ignore this and pretend it's a small video camera.

TFW: That feeling when. As in #TFW you drop your coffee and miss the train. Insert Kristen Wiig gif.

OOTD: Outfit of the day. As in the hashtag your friend who has a “fashion blog” uses. All the time.

AF: As f*ck. As in an alternative to an exclamation point. Also the one your friend who always says ‘yaass’ uses. Millennial AF.

DINK: Dual income no kids. As in you’re in a relationship minus kids, plus some extra cash. Unlike single friends aka SINK.

HENRY: High earner not rich yet. As in ‘cue the violins.’

NARP: Non-athletic regular person. As in you played tennis in high school, haven't picked up a racket since, and have a tendency to drop things.

OG: Original gangster. As in Tupac. Or Meryl Streep.

IMHO: In My Humble Opinion. As in the one people post on FB when they’re telling you what to think.

AFAIK: As far as I know. As in AFAIK this acronym is also probably an expletive in a foreign language.

SMH: Not a Rihanna song. Shaking My Head, or the social media version of an eyebrow raise crossed with ‘WTF.’

EVOO: When saying ‘extra virgin olive oil’ is just too tough. Say it like E-V-O-O to cut it in Rachael Ray’s kitchen.

AMA: Ask me anything. As in a way for celebrities to feel like regular people on Reddit.

GOAT: Greatest of all time. As in the one Steph Curry would use.

DFMO: Dance floor make out. As in file this under ‘college.’

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