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Awareness, Meet Action: Battling Breast Cancer During COVID-19

Oct 23, 2020

This week, we’ve got updates on three developing stories you’ve probably been hearing about. We’ll break down Pope Francis’s recent comments on same-sex civil unions. We’ve got the latest on new COVID-19 lockdowns happening around the world. And then, what’s going on with foreign interference in the home stretch of the election. 

Then, we’ve got an important message from breast cancer doctors and breast cancer survivors about why COVID cannot be a reason to avoid staying on top of your breast health.

Also: there’s already enough focus on the presidential race. But with the Senate up for grabs, we’ll look at the down-ballot races worth paying attention to this November. 

Finally, we’ve got the story on something you might notice the next time you log on to Disney+. 

On this episode, you’ll hear from: 

  • Gretchen Herrera, breast cancer survivor

  • Dr. Kelly Hunt, surgical oncologist at MD Anderson Cancer Center

  • Dr. Deborah Lindner, chief medical officer, Bright Pink

  • Wendy J. Schiller, professor and chair of the department of political science, Brown University 

  • Nathaniel Rakich, elections analyst, FiveThirtyEight

  • Hemant Shah, professor of journalism and mass communication, University of Wisconsin

  • Dr. Yaba Blay, scholar-activist 

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